Chreiki Donates $120,000 Vehicle to City Constabulary

CASTRIES Mayor Peterson Francis Wednesday called on corporate saint Lucia to assist the city’s police department in its efforts at better securing Castries.

img:Maher Chreiki (right) handing over the keys to Minister of Home Affairs Hermangild Francis.
Maher Chreiki (right) handing over the keys to Minister of Home Affairs Hermangild Francis.

The mayor’s plea comes on the heels of a major boost to the city’s constabulary by well-known businessman Maher Chreiki and his group of companies when they handed Mayor Francis keys to an EC$120,000 brand new Nissan Patrol pick-up truck.

The vehicle was donated to the constabulary to aid in patrolling the outer limits of the city. It was well received by Francis and his brother Home Affairs Minister Hermangild Francis.

“We wish to thank the Chreiki and Sons Group of Companies for this donation and hope that other corporate entities will follow suit,” Mayor Francis said, noting that the donation showed solidarity and commitment not only to the city police department but to the government’s crime fighting efforts.

He said the donation spotlights a guarantee by the Castries City Council to address security problems in the city.

“Very soon, to complement this vehicle, we will be launching our emergency hotline service. We do hope that this vehicle can support our city police in a modest way to fight against misconducts,” Mayor Francis said.

He believes that through the use of the vehicle the constabulary will be able to provide better and more effective security and protection to residents and businesses in Castries.

The donated Nissan Patrol pick-up truck.

“We do hope that it affords for qualitative security for the lives and the property of our people. Once again, thank you Mr. Maher Chreiki and the Chreiki and Sons Group of Companies for this donation… because of your generosity, our city police will be on the beat and patrolling the City of Castries. You have lit up a new path and approach to corporate responsibility which I hope other entities will emulate,” Mayor Francis said.
Home Affairs Minister Francis called on city police officers to take good care of the vehicle thanking Chreiki on behalf of the prime minister, the Cabinet of Ministers, the members of the opposition and the people of Saint Lucia.

Maher Chreiki and his wife Jeanette purchased their first property at 55 Micoud Street in the city of Castries opening a general merchandise store called Chreiki and Sons approximately 37 years ago. This store proved to be a major success story with Chreiki earning the distinguished title, “The boss for low cost.”

The couple grew their business portfolio by investing in properties within the city and today own seven major commercial properties in Castries
It has been said that despite the growth in business the humility of the Chreiki family, their tireless generosity and support they give to numerous charities and communities on the island have remained constant.

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