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Cheyenne’s on her way to mastering Astrophysics

CHEYENNE K M Polius has always been pushed to do her very best by her parents, Giilain A G Polius of Sagicor General Insurance Inc., and Shawn A Marcellin, a former employee of The VOICE Publishing Company. She is currently studying Integrated Master Physics & Astrophysics with Astronomy a t Sheffield University. The university student says she chose to do Physics and Astrophysics at the University of Sheffield because they offer a high proportion of Astrophysics compared to other Physics degrees.

Saint Lucian national and student of the University of Sheffield, Cheyenne Polius.

“My course is exactly what I hoped for but I was pleasantly surprised at the range of extra-curricular activities and part-time jobs I could do in my spare time,” Cheyenne said. “The opportunities and resources provided have helped shape me into a confident, well-rounded student with a very diverse skill set.

Currently, Cheyenne is on placement year in the UK Civil Service, which she says is an opportunity her department granted her to undertake as an integral part of her degree.

“Coupling all my experiences with my degree has helped shape my main career goal: to help increase gender and ethnic diversity in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields,” she said, adding, “Being a female, ethnic minority in such a unique STEM field has led me to become a role model for youth in my home country, St Lucia.”

In addition, Cheyenne said it has encouraged her to found St Lucia’s first National Astronomy Association where she will use the specialist knowledge from her degree to share information about the wonders of space and how space technology can benefit the island and the rest of the Caribbean region.

Best of luck on your way to the top, Cheyenne!

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  1. WOW, she’s not only smart but beautiful. Look at dem eyes, man
    She can easily make a career in fashion for beauty products or acting.

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