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Airport Bomb Hoax Investigations Still Ongoing

Image of George F. L. Charles Airport

TWELVE days after a bomb hoax interrupted air traffic at the George Charles Airport in Vigie and caused the facility to lose hours of productivity time, investigators are still unable to state the status of their investigations.

But that has not stopped the rumour mill from churning story after story about the incident and of a particular person connected to it.

Image of George F. L. Charles Airport
No word yet from police on the status of investigations surrounding a recent bomb threat at the George F.L. Charles Airport.

The VOICE was able to ascertain that a person police brought in to assist in their investigations was taken ill just before or as soon as discussions started last Thursday afternoon about the incident.

A Police Press Relations Officer yesterday said that investigations are still ongoing and the police cannot speak as yet because of certain circumstances connected with the investigations.

It is unclear whether the person who was taken in by police and who fell ill soon after will be fit enough to continue the unfinished discussion with police in the coming days.

The VOICE was able to learn as well that the person who took ill while in police custody is a member of the local media and as to press time yesterday was said to be in serious condition in the Intensive Care Unit at Victoria Hospital and has been there from Thursday evening.

Reports as to the individual’s condition have been conflicting and the final one received prior to press time was that improvements were detected.

The Voice learned that the local media personnel was not the only person police had talked with in connection with the bomb hoax, which incidentally occurred the same morning and at the same airport Prime Minister Allen Chastanet was expected to fly into from Europe.

Meanwhile not much is being said about this incident both from the police and local media particularly the latter, seeing that the individual is well known in local media circles.

Journalists, reporters, camera crews and others connected with the individual have all expressed their sadness at their colleague’s illness praying that his medical condition improves as the days go by.

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