E-Ticketing For St. Lucian Events

ST. LUCIANS now have greater options when it comes to getting tickets for their favourite events.

Easy Click Solutions the Winners of “Idea of the Year” at the 2018 St. Lucia Business Awards are the pioneers of this new service. Off the success of their other Online Service EasyClickBooks.com where parents can obtain the needed textbooks for their children, they have now Launched EasyClickTickets.com (Easy Click Tickets)

EasyClickTickets.com is an online E-Ticketing Platform, which enables event goers to easily and safely purchase event tickets online. Customers receive their tickets via E-mail and the ticket can be scanned off their phone at the event.

“We are always looking at the St. Lucia landscape and asking ourselves, what areas can we add value and be transformative.” Added Vernon Jean co-Founder of Easy Click Solutions. “My wife and I love going out and having a good time but it’s such a hassle at times getting to the ticket outlets and not knowing if the tickets are still available. Therefore, we thought why could we not just easily get our tickets off our phones?”

Easy Click Tickets launched in October 2018 and has been successfully used for various events including “Monsters Ball”, “Overdose”, “IGLOO” and “Red Dragon”. With the 2019 Soleil Festivals including Jazz and Carnival on the horizon, Easy Click Tickets is looking to make a huge impact during these festivals. The goal is to become the preferred ticket outlet for various categories of events Sports, Entertainment, Christian, Educational etc.

“We are engaging various Event Organizers at the moment and getting them up to speed with EasyClickTickets.com and its benefits. We believe that this will transform the entertainment landscape in St. Lucia and provide a better event experience to patrons” – Vernon Jean

Easy Click Tickets is FREE to use for Event Organizers and can be used to manage attendees for free events. A store section is also being added to the service to allow the sales of merchandise, costumes, etc. by Event Organizers.

Organizers and Event goers seeking to use this service can visit the website www.EasyClickTickets.com or contact Easy Click Solutions at info@EasyClickTikets.com or 758-724-9405.

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