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National Security Minister responds to Facebook posting saying: ‘I FEEL THREATENED!’

Image of National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis

NATIONAL Security Minister Senator Hermangild Francis says he is perturbed by an implied threat on Facebook, said to have been issued by a police officer whom he disclosed was part of the controversial Operation Restore Confidence (ORC).

Minister Francis said it was “very stressful” to know that a police officer was the one involved.

Image of National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis
National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis

“A friend sent it to me and I saw it, so I am a little perturbed about the contents, because I know I gave up a very good-paying job to come and serve my country as a minister and I am trying my very best to do what I can to make sure I can get to the bottom and get this IMPACS report resolved,” Francis, a former Deputy Police Commissioner told St Lucia Times.

However, he described the recent development as being part of the job.

“It comes with the territory,” Francis explained.

Asked whether he feels threatened, the minister replied in the affirmative.

“I feel threatened because we are dealing with people who are highly trained and have access to firearms,” Francis stated.

However, he declared that he will not change his posture in life.

“I will continue to do what I think is correct in the course of justice and whatever happens – so be it,” the former police officer told St Lucia Times.

“The individual is saying that I am harping on this IMPACS report and he’s in a good place so when I am ready to come and get him, come and get him.

“When people ask you to come and get them, they know that you are not going to come there easily.

“They are going to be prepared to do whatever it is to stop you from doing that,” Francis said in regard to the Facebook message.

“It is not a direct threat, but, like I have said, you can have a threat by innuendo and all these sort of things.

“The individual is not an ordinary citizen in this country and when words like these are being used (like) ‘You come for me, I am ready!’ you have to be very careful how you look at it,” Francis said.

“I will do what I have to do – the work of the government has to continue,” the minister declared.

He said he would not go as far as saying that an implied threat was issued on his life.

“But, like I said, you are dealing with a professional – this is not an ordinary citizen in the country that could just say things and not be able to act.

“This is somebody who has the capacity and the ability to do whatever he wants to do,” the minister told St Lucia Times.

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