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The Positive Impact of Confidence

Despite the politically-motivated marches and demonstrations, the emerging confidence of St. Lucia based on the performance of the current administration continues to generate interests from various investors.

The Rodney Bay strip which was once a buzz of activity became second place to the Rodney Bay Marina based on a number of reasons. However, the most recent decision by the owners of the Rex St. Lucian to demolish that property and construct a spanking new 300-room hotel based upon increased visitor arrivals speaks volumes for the government.

This decision comes on the heels of a possible increase of another 200 rooms to the recently constructed Royalton Hotel. The Harbour Club Hotel has now been rebranded and assigned to the Hilton Group of Hotels is a phenomenal feat for St. Lucia.

The fact that the directors of Excellent Stores decided on the opening of two major outlets in St. Lucia after weighing their options vis-à-vis other islands is a positive signal.

Additionally, Movie Town in Trinidad which is one of the most successful entertainment centers in the Caribbean has now expressed their desire to lay its roots here is significant.

Sandals La. Source on the Pigeon Island Causeway expects to commence construction at any moment as their differences with the Landing’s owners are resolved.

The new Hewanorra terminal breaking ground before December 2018 and the much debated DSH project has opened its doors to the hiring of some 200 trainees in respect to the first phase of their operations.

OJO Labs which was so heavily criticized by the opposition continues to grow beyond expectations and in the coming year, the number of employees should reach the 600 mark, but more importantly, the education attained prepares the employees for jobs both at home and abroad similar to the success of the artificial intelligence program introduced by the Canadian Imperial Bank in the Bahamas which is expected to create some 350,000 jobs within the next 3 years.

The St. Jude Hospital which has been used as a political football has now been addressed and before the close of 2019 the new wing to house the patients of the south will be completed bringing the hospital to the international level expected of an institution adjacent to a state of the art international airport.

It is unfortunate that a two-year delay was experienced, but the current administration needed to avoid the mistakes of the past and ensure that whatever medical facilities are addressed, the nation has the ability to service same.

Finally, the construction of a US$150 million project to accommodate the home porting of the cruise industry (Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise lines) is now a reality with preliminary works scheduled to commence at any time.  (Informed Citizen)

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