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Saint Lucia Records Reduction In Suicides

SAINT LUCIA recorded a reduction in suicides this year so far as compared to 2017, Consultant Psychiatrist at the National Mental Wellness Centre, Doctor Julius Gaillard has disclosed.

Gilliard revealed that some 9 suicides were recorded last year at this time compared to 3 so far for this year.

“We cannot say what we can attribute it to, but we have to keep going and keep that number down as low as possible,” the Mental Wellness Centre official stated.

Gaillard disclosed that no studies have been done to determine where mental illness is most prevalent in Saint Lucia.

He spoke as Saint Lucia joined the rest of the world Monday in observing World Suicide Prevention Day.

“I think what happens is at times persons go through emotional turmoil and at times they see suicide as an attractive option,” Gaillard told reporters.

“We want them to know that we are here for them in case they are experiencing any suicidal thoughts. The national help line is very much available 24 hours a day from any phone. Persons can call 203 and somebody will speak to them and get them through whatever they are experiencing at the time,” the Consultant Psychiatrist explained.

As part of observances for World Suicide Prevention Day, the National Mental Wellness Centre held a mental wellness fair Monday.

Gaillard said the public support for the event was good.

World Suicide Prevention Day this year was held under the theme “Working Together to Prevent Suicide”.

The observance was launched in 2003 by the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP), which partnered with the World Health Organization (WHO), to raise awareness surrounding the conditions that lead to 800,000 deaths every year. (MOH)

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  1. To boast that only 3 suicides so far this year as compared to 9 at this time last year
    is not something to glorify about. What worries me is to say ‘so far.’
    Let us all hope and pray, it stops at the 3, though wishing it was none, hoping for
    absolute zero from now on and for ever in St.Lucia, that’s not asking for too much.
    The St.Lucia I grew up in, a suicide was never heard of.The once in a blue moon
    murders were dealt with by hanging. The fear of that penalty kept it to a minimum.
    Why has the Soul of man become so sick, so lacking in Spiritual nourishment that
    the vacuum created is occupied by negative and evil forces, to cause the theft of Joy
    love and inner peace.To some extent I lay some of the blame at the feet of some Churches.

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