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Have We Seen A New Light?

Image of Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

IT is either the people of St. Lucia are fully satisfied with all that the government is doing, or they have been brainwashed into submission.

Every so often you hear controversial subjects as it relates to government policymakers. Yet, the only condemning voices that you hear comes from only three sources: ‘Can I Help You?’, ‘Politically Insane’, and the Opposition Benches. If you listen to most of the talk show hosts, most seem pro or anti- government, especially some of the leading media houses and established newspapers.

Despite all the evidence available in explaining suspect decisions, most persons are contented to go with the flow or ignore the information, or deem it to be ‘fake news’. All other concerned groups and organized units, seem to remain tight-lipped. It seems like nobody wants to rock the boat or be labeled as controversial or being against the government.

Sadly enough, if the plans of the governing party does not bear fruit or prove to be non-beneficial, we all will feel the pinch.

I do not believe that all the existing plans of the government is in the best interest of our country, but no man is an island and if the majority of the nation stay silent or do not care to protest or ask questions about some of the actions of the government, I will not make myself the sacrificial lamb.

We seem to believe all that we hear these days. We take all that we hear from government as gospel truth, as if we have reached the age of trusting our political leaders and we must simply believe that whatsoever they do, they do it for us.

I remember clearly how the people rejected some of the last government plans, as well as its leadership. When they were dissatisfied, they rebelled or spoke their minds. So, why are they so reluctant to do the same this time around? Is it too early? Have they found so much honesty with this regime that they have no reason to comment or react? But if so be the case, I rest my case.

Can the few who see things different be out-of-focus? Are they biased? Or are they just plain stupid or blind? Or, are their voices too soft to be heard?

Am I to believe that everything and everyone is in harmony with the present state of affairs in our state?

Have we seen a new light? Have we been recently blessed? Am I missing out on something?

Are the voices of the dissatisfied not valid enough to be heard? If so, then I wish all of you the best for the coming months and years ahead.

And here’s also hoping that as you wait for foreign interests to guide us down this development path, that in the long run it will be for the better — and that the ‘Ching Ching’ in our pockets multiplies abundantly.

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