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Castries South MP Should Reflect on Reasons for Fletcher and Kenny Regretting CIP Participation

THE EDITOR: Having listened to the MP for Castries South both on TALK and his ongoing comments in respect to the Range Development and the current CIP procedure makes one question how an individual can handle mixed and confused personalities.

The MP within his embedded anger for being out of office continues making incorrect statements to the detriment of himself and his party. No wonder the current SLP leader in recent times refrains from holding joint appearances with him.

Despite the fact that Phillip Pierre may not be blessed with all the personalities of a PM, he is intuitive enough to know when close ties can affect his political career.

The Castries South MP was the King Maker in the CIP program and we are now aware that both the former PM and James Fletcher announced publicly after the elections that it was a gross error for St. Lucia to enter the CIP program as in their view, the whole program was flawed and we say no more other than how seriously these comments undermined the MP’s judgement.

Secondly, the Range Agreement fully negotiated by the said MP who has continuously endeavoured to give his side of the story when in fact the arrangement was again seriously flawed and the current administration was able to reach an amicable settlement with the developers to save the nation from a fiasco similar to the Hyatt Affair.

We understand how the MP operates when in power based on the Juffali episode which partially lead to the demise of the SLP at the last election.

The former PM knows and understands the weaknesses of the MP south and for his own good he needs to do some soul searching if he intends to be taken seriously as a full-fledged member of parliament.

It should be noted that the SLP administration indicated that all passports sold under the present administration will be revisited if the SLP returns to office, similarly, the former PM some 10 years ago advised foreigners to make no investments in St. Lucia until his party returns to office.

This sort of desperation is most unbecoming for any administration when threats of such a nature are aired.

The MP for Vieux Fort North (Mousa) on the other hand tried so hard on News Maker Live to ingratiate himself as a successful Minister of Agriculture when most St. Lucians know how ineffective his career was during that period.

One glance at the thousands of acres of bananas under cultivation tells the whole story. Today, 600 farms are in production versus 250 under the SLP and 6000 farmers are employed versus 2200 under the SLP.

In closing, the appearance of both ‘Musa’ and Hilaire on national TV in the last 5 days was nothing short of a ploy of promoting their demonstration which is what the SLP is best known for. Administrations are placed in office for a period of 5 years and the SLP is yet to understand and realize that when the nation has spoken the current administration needs to address the deficiencies of the former administration and do what is correct. (Oswald Augustin)

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