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A One-man Judge, Jury and Executioner?

Image: Is the Saint Lucian justice system itself unjust by design?

An interim self-appointed judge within the march of shame fabricated 25 SLP charges against the current PM using the audience as his jury. But unfortunately, the decision to execute this farcical approach ricocheted, as the public are now demanding ‘the truth and nothing but the truth’ in respect to the Juffali affair, the diabetic center and other ongoing accusations by local authorities, based on what transpired at the High Commission Office in London.

It is now felt that if one has the ability to act as a judge, he should also have been aware of the legal implications which transpired under his watch.

It is indeed strange how some of us walk into traps of our own making. Forty-five days is not a long period before the facts are revealed and hopefully, the same audience who acted as his jury will be able to exercise their verdict in a similar manner.

The SLP has now been confirmed as a party in purgatory, which no longer has the patience and will to deal with the punishment they truly deserve and intend to use all and every method to extricate themselves from the cell they presently occupy.

With Richard Frederick having imposed himself on the SLP, therein lies another dilemma as the former PM sat in total shock, while his “BET NOIR” forced himself on the party in a manner that SLP supporters could have never imagined.

These are errors which are created when malice and hatred get the better part of human nature. (A Concerned Citizen)

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