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Saint Lucia Mum On Venezuela As ‘Government Still Monitoring…’

THE Government of Saint Lucia is not yet willing to take a position on Saturday’s assassination attempt against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

Following news of the attempt on the Venezuelan President’s life, governments across the world reacted in condemnation of the threat of violence against a democratically-elected leader.

Two CARICOM and OECS member-states – Antigua & Barbuda and Dominica – immediately condemned the assassination attempt, their respective prime ministers issuing statements within hours.

The VOICE yesterday approached the Office of the Prime Minister for a response.

The official response was that the Government “is still monitoring the situation in Venezuela and gathering the facts…” as a result of which it is not yet willing to make a statement.

Meanwhile, Venezuelans marched Monday in support of President Nicolás Maduro following a failed drone attack against him during a speech at a military parade on Saturday.

The march was convened by the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) and departed from the center of Caracas to end at the Miraflores government palace.

Supporters wearing t-shirts with Maduro’s face massed in Caracas Monday as the president addressed the crowd.

“We workers are here to support the president. Nothing like that had ever happened on live television before. There is no justification for this attack against the president,” said Melanie Diaz, 40, who works at the Food Ministry.

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  1. Why did you not tell to stay out of the situation when a caller to some call in show made a threat on Dr Anthony’s life? You are disgrace to the human race fox. You see before all else is people. Everything else is secondary and if you cannot at least show some consistency in your judgement the very thing you are fighting for is domed. But then again ehat do you care? I don’t think you have the capacity.

  2. The government of St. Lucia, led by its “dek-dek” PM cannot say anything about the assassination attempt on Venezuela’s President, because their masters (not the St. Lucian sheeple) have cowed them into silence.

    What do you think the purpose for Colombia joining NATO? The US wants Venezuela to retaliate against Colombia for harbouring the assassins, so they will have a excuse to invade Venezuela on the side of their NATO ally, and finally get control of Venezuela’s massive reserves of oil!

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