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Kiddies Climate Change Carnival, Fair and Jump-up in Castries on Saturday

Image of Junior Carnival

A special kiddie’s carnival will take place on Saturday, one day ahead of the National Kiddies Carnival pageant.

The event on Saturday July 7th is being facilitated through the Just Us Kids organisation on behalf of the

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries, Natural Resources and Cooperatives through CC4FISH – the Climate Change Adaptation of the Eastern Caribbean Fisheries Sector project.

This Saturday CC4FISH Kiddie’s Fair and Carnival will draw attention to Climate Change and its impact on the fishing industry.

The activities on Saturday July 7th start at the Ave Maria Primary School from 10:00 a.m. with a day of fun and learning. This will involve interactive sessions, fun games, face painting, prizes, arts and craft, costume designing and giveaways.

This will run until 1:00 p.m. and followed at 2:00p.m. by a Carnival Jump-up around the Castries City Centre featuring the costumes, placards and specially designed tee-shirts highlighting a range of themes relating to climate change and fisheries. The public is invited to witness and enjoy the parade.

Saturday’s CC4FISH sponsored Kiddies Fair and Carnival follows the Dennery Kiddies Carnival which was held on Sunday June 17th 2018 where the Dennery Infant School presented S.O.S. [Save Our Seas].

The band comprised sections such as The Clean Blue Sea, Parrot Fish and Coral Reefs. The school’s carnival band was sponsored by CC4FISH with a section sponsored by Bacchanal Junkie.

The young revellers used re-useable plastic cups. No disposal bottles were used as part of initiatives to raise awareness on Climate Change, Marine Pollution and the impacts on Fisheries.

The general public, schools, carnival revellers and environmental clubs are invited to witness the CC4FISH Kiddie’s Fair and Carnival on Saturday in Castries, starting from 2:00p.m. (Submitted on behalf of CC4FISH and the Department of Fisheries).

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