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Citizens of the North Take Back their Beach

Image of Reduit Beach after clean up

More than 90% of The Ramp and Reduit Beach is now free from the eyesore, Sargassum seaweed.

Less than 24 hours after reporting on the massive quantities of Sargassum that flooded the shores of the island’s beaches in the Rodney Bay area, a massive clean-up campaign has seen the shores returned to near normalcy and the water free of the brown eyesore.

Image of Sargassum on Reduit Beach shoreline
Image of Reduit Beach after clean up

Young men with rakes and shovels, purposefully piled up the distinctive brown seaweed in heaps before loading it onto a waiting dump truck via a backhoe.

It was reported that as of yesterday, the sudden influx of Sargassum would be a cause for widespread concern in the economic and tourism sectors, and also the island’s ecosystems.

Image of Sargassum on Reduit Beach shoreline
Image of Reduit Beach shoreline after clean up

A seaweed that stinks of rotten eggs has been terrorizing several coastline areas on the island for years now.

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While it was unclear who spearheaded the immediate clean-up project, one name, “Angus,” resonated through the beach’s workforce.

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Tourists and locals alike were once again able to enjoy the white sandy beaches and few wasted no time in pitching their umbrella and placing their beach chairs under the shady area.

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  1. The clean-up is a truly wonderful accomplishment that shows the resolve and determination of St. Lucians, as has always been shown.

    This reinforces to all the resilience of our nation!


    1. This is very disturbing. There were no environment assessments done. Greenpeace was not consulted. This vegetation and it is removal may affect greenhouse gas emissions. Was this vegetation have any toxicology? We constantly interfere with our environment, destroying it for short term economic gains, without foresight on what we are doing.


  2. Why just in the north. Many of the tourists staying in the north come in from the south. That’s right, the south where the airport is. Not Vigie! The first beach they see is Sandy Beach. Right next to the airport. Some stop by the local bars before heading north, for their first sight of St. Lucia beaches. First impressions! Some stop at the local bars on Sandy Beach while waiting on planes to leave. Last impression. You want tourist to visit St. Lucia Beaches, NORTH AND SOUTH, make this a government daily project to DRESS UP our beautiful shores for all, NOT just for us but TOURISTS too!

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