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The Dearth of Acceptance

Castries South MP, Dr. Ernest Hilaire

SOMETIMES I really have to sit back and wonder how many personalities a human being can actually handle. My comments are made in reference to the MP for Castries South. Ernest Hilaire is a gentleman who was the blue-eyed boy of the former Prime Minister who was aware of the entire network of the SLP, but more importantly, one whose political launching represented one of the most festive operations ever witnessed.

A gentleman who stood on the Market Steps and articulated over and over that Allen Chastanet would never be the Prime Minister of St. Lucia. A gentleman whose record as the nation’s High Commissioner to the UK was shrouded in secrecy and controversy over the Juffali affair which took a negative toll on the SLP outcome at the last general elections. Today, he has the gumption to threaten a bona fide administration with court proceedings for lack of transparency in a project which his party kept under wraps for 18 months and not a word, not a word was disclosed to the nation. On the other hand, Hilaire should take into consideration his inability to make meaningful forecasts based on his past records.

The current PM has a mandate to bring St. Lucia to another level and he is well on the way of achieving his goal, but the negative propaganda and lack of vision by Hilaire and his compatriots will have little or no impact. Hilaire may be better advised to use his proposed legal funding towards the stopping of the DSH project in areas more beneficial to him. The south has finally come alive and come December 2018 a vision long anticipated will be the longest-awaited reality in our history.

By Political Observer


  1. Unfortunately, within the political realm HOW you do it, matters very little-like an overzealare treated with referendum protopcolous shooting point guaurd (think Allen Iverson, Philadelphia Sixers legendary first round NBA draft choice).
    It does matter to We The People HOW foreign investments are negotiated.
    Even in those well developed foreign bastions of commerce, economic decisions t hat can impact culture and ecology simultaneously with epic known and unknown implications`would be processed with REFERENDUM protocol..
    Another writer refers to the picture of the PM and Oriental Investor (CoCoDan Giveaway) as the The Bengal Tiger eating the Man Child in a post modern version of The Jungle Book….

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