SRDF Refurbishes Fisheries Jetty

PRESS RELEASE – RECENTLY, the Soufriere Regional Development Foundation (SRDF) assumed management of the jetties in port Soufriere. The fisheries jetty, which forms part of this port, was left in a dilapidated state following the passage of Hurricane Maria, the deadliest storm of the hyperactive 2017 Atlantic hurricane season.

On Monday, January 22 this year, the SRDF announced the completion of refurbished works undertaken on the fisheries jetty.

Senior Project Officer, Malcolm Mathurin, explained that, “The extent of the repairs had to be extended. The scope of works included the replacement of surface boards and joist.”

He further clarified that the surface boards were placed in a mode that can be removed during severe weather conditions in an effort to minimize costs.

According to Dock Deputy Supervisor, Androuy Mc Donald, “This was a very good initiative given that the fisheries jetty was in a deplorable condition. Majority of the boat captains prefer using this jetty because it is in close proximity to the fuel station.”

She added that one Dock Warden and Cashier will be assigned to the fisheries jetty.

The local fishermen commended the organization for assisting in alleviating their pain in earning their livelihood.

The renovation of the fisheries jetty cost $10,000.

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