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Seriously, Jeff Fedee?

I give you my word, Mr. Editor, that it is not my intention to respond to every article written by Jeff Fedee in your newspaper, but I will not be able to live with myself if no one responds to the nonsense that the man writes. And since you, Mr. Editor, have decided to give him the space to air his views, you can do no less for me, to allow me to respond to him.

I alluded last week to Mr. Fedee’s sudden political about-face, having campaigned bitterly for Allen Chastanet in the 2016 elections. We are yet to see a plausible reason for this change of allegiance, if this is what it is, but it is clear that Mr. Fedee has a beef with Prime Minister Allen Chastanet for something. All this is beginning to ask questions of his political integrity, especially in his capacity as a writer in the press.

People who write articles in newspapers ought to produce material that will enlighten, inform and educate — not denigrate and ridicule. That is what is common in both of Mr. Fedee’s two recent articles, the latest published last weekend.

In that last article, Mr. Fedee focuses on a photograph published in your newspaper and what he says are the expressions on the faces of Teo Ah King and Prime Minister Chastanet and uses that to indicate that the Chinese investor had outfoxed our Prime Minister in the deal for the DSH project. You read that in a photograph, Mr. Fedee? Are you serious? I have never heard anyone who wants to be taken seriously making such a ridiculous conclusion on the basis of expressions of people in a photograph.

Mr. Fedee claims that the Prime Minister’s expression was gloomy where it should have conveyed excitement over the project in question and I must ask Mr. Fedee whether this is the only photograph of the Prime Minister that he has ever seen in a function dealing with the DSH. Press photographers take numerous pictures at an event and I am willing to bet that whoever took that particular photo also has one or more of the Prime Minister with a smile on his face.

But I simply do not understand how a mature individual as I believe Mr. Fedee is would want to use the expression on a person’s face in a photograph to question the intellectual ability of that person. This is high-class ignorance.

Mr. Fedee then displays ignorance of another kind when he attempts to make what was intended to be an intelligent point about China and the United States and the assertion that Washington would not tolerate China’s encroachment in the Caribbean, which is “American’s sphere of influence”. I will respond to that by saying quite simply that it is obvious Mr. Fedee is out of touch and does not follow the news.

William Cheddy

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