R3D Unlimited Launches ‘Name Your Price” Promotion

The sun has risen on Red Unlimited, and this year the fourteen year old Carnival band is offeringrevellers a new and exciting opportunity to personalize their Red Experience.

R3D Unlimited introduces the ‘Name Your Price’ promotion.

The R3D Unlimited family is invitingrevellers to send in suggestions for the ideal price for their favourite costume. To participate, simply follow @R3DUnlimited on Instagram, look out for the story of the day for your preferred section and ‘Name Your Price’ by responding to the post.

Sunday February 4th dawned a new day for R3D Unlimited, the portrayal of ‘Sunrise’ for Saint Lucia Carnival 2018. R3d Unlimited showcased six sections, all indicative of a new, phenomenal carnival band that has managed to encapsulate the essence of R3D.

In a nutshell,the carnival band is empowering revellers to become an integral part of the decision making process. It is an interactive, novel perspective on playing’ mas. All suggestions will be considered and revellers will ultimately choose value assigned to each section.

It is important to note that only responses from @R3DUnlimited Instagram followers will be considered.

R3Dy, Set, Go!

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