NCF Raffle Draw Date Changed

PRESS RELEASE – THE management of the National Community Foundation (NCF) informs the general public that due to low ticket sales for our raffle, the original draw date of February 16, 2018 has now been changed to July 27, 2018.

We take this opportunity to encourage everyone to support the work of the NCF by generously purchasing raffle tickets at a cost of $5.00.

Proceeds of this raffle will be used to further fund our health portfolio because the number of requests for health assistance which we receive has grown exponentially over the years and our ability to offer solace to those who are in need is severely hampered by low finances.

The following figures represent the amount of money we have donated to individuals in need of various medical interventions locally, regionally and internationally.

Years ——- Health
2012  ——— $ 199,758.00
2013  ——— $ 125,448.00
2014  ——— $ 239,013.00
2015  ——— $ 186,336.00
2016  ——— $ 238,761.00

The National Community Foundation (NCF) is a philanthropic, non-profit, community based, non-governmental organization that functions primarily as a grant-making institution.

The NCF was established in August 2002 and supports initiatives that engender self-development and social upliftment through the provision of assistance to emerging individual and community needs in education, health, social services, arts and culture, community development, environment and civic affairs.

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