“Getting Down To Business” Focusses On Import Licenses Today

PRESS RELEASE – AFTER a series of open and informative discussions which has led to a better understanding of how the Import License Regime is supposed to work by Chamber Members and what are the needs and expectations from the Department of Commerce by the business community in terms of consistency, predictability and processing time, another Forum has been scheduled where important long-awaited information on the way forward is to be shared.

The “Getting Down To Business” series continues today, Tuesday, February 13, at 9:00 a.m. at the Chamber Secretariat with the Import License Regime, taking an intense look at proposed revisions to the list of items requiring an Import License as well as a proposed guide to importers which should assist them in meeting all requirements. Discussions should also take place on the issue of training for importers or the brokers or this matter in the near future.

The Chamber members have raised a number of issues critical to them in relation to the Import License application process that these meetings are committed to addressing. Among these matters are the speed of the process, the communication gaps between importers and the Licensing Authority as well as creating easier provision of feedback and opportunities for the introduction of technology to make the process more efficient.

The Getting Down To Business Series is one of the Chamber’s emerging flagship programmes in which it seeks to resolve problems identified by members through dialogue and working partnerships with the public sector and the direct participation and involvement of members. Thus, Chamber members are encouraged to take part in these activities which give real value to membership and directly affect their bottom line.

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