Corpus Christi Day Nursery & Preschool – A Legacy Of Love

By Ruth Philip and Sr. Annie Reneau. O. Carm)

PRESS RELEASE – BY Ruth Philip and Sr. Annie Reneau. O. Carm) December 21, 1958 marked the date of the opening of an Early Childhood Centre, named to reference the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ (Corpus Christi) by its Founder, Sr. Mary Philip, O. Carm (Carmelite Sisters). The Centre was founded on a mission by Sr. Mary Phillips to meet the needs of a community and, by extension, her country, through its youngest citizens.

Yes, that was almost 60 years ago that Sr. Mary Philip embarked on that journey and, sad to say, the doors of that “monument of love” will close down on July 6, 2018. The closing down of the Centre is propelled by the principles of quality standards on which it was founded, has promoted and maintained, even in/through struggling times.

In recent years, the Centre has been undergoing major economic challenges, which has resulted in obtaining a higher level of expenditure than its income. It is for this primary reason that the regrettable decision to put closure to the beautiful journey of childhood experiences, such as smiles, giggles, conversations through babbling speech, laughter, first-time developmental occurrences at all levels, and so much more was taken.

While we are saddened by this pronounced reality, it is inevitable. We are consoled by the ability of the institution to provide excellent care, programming and services to children, their families, communities and, by extension, our country.

As we plan for the closing events of the Centre’s existence, we wish to highlight our appreciation for the support we have had over the years: to our corporate partners, we are grateful for your philanthropic efforts. For families who made Corpus Christi their choice of Early Childhood experiences for their child/ren, we thank you for giving us that opportunity to contribute towards the development of your son/daughter.

To former and current employees and volunteers, we thank you for your contribution to our mission. To the various Ministries of Government and Agencies, who promoted and supported quality deliverables of services, we thank you for your commitment to the cause. To the charitable organizations who initiated support, we will forever be grateful and to everyone, who contributed towards the journey, in whatever simple manner, we thank you for caring and sharing.

We want in a very special way to thank the families, who currently have their child/ren enrolled at the Centre. We thank you for your understanding and support of our plight and the decision to close down the establishment. We thank you for partnering with us as we seek to continue to provide the best of our promises/commitment to you and your son/daughter towards a seamless transition. God bless you and your family!

In keeping with the spirit of appreciation and support, we welcome the input of past members of the Corpus Christi Day Nursery & Preschool family (1958–present) as we plan for the grand finale of its closure. We seek your gift of time and talent in putting together a class act to remember. We can be reached at the following telephone numbers: (758) 453 1923 or 452 2734. God bless us all!

On behalf of every child who has been a part of this phenomenal journey, we thank Sr. Mary Philip for her vision, determination and commitment throughout the years; and we pray for the intervention/intercession of God, that the fruits of her labour will continue to flourish seeds towards positive change for nation building. Indeed, her legacy of love proved to be a monument of love for one and all. God bless her heart!

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