Does Your Brand Have A Social Voice?

CONNECTING with your target audience, tweeting updates to your followers and sharing information with your supporters are tasks every business should be doing nowadays. Not only has social media revolutionized the way we can communicate with our customers, it has also changed the way brands are being built.

You can be a master in getting “likes” on Facebook, subscribers on LinkedIn, and followers on Instagram, but the truth is that if you don’t have a social media voice that fits your brand, your marketing efforts may be wasted.

Conveying a tone that represents your brand in the best possible way is crucial to both your marketing collateral and social media posts. You need to establish what goals you wish to accomplish for your business, and make sure your brand is genuine in the voice you want to present to potential and loyal customers.

1. A social voice puts your customers in the right frame of mind
When closing a sale, having your customers in the appropriate frame of mind is vital, and that depends heavily on the voice you use. With the right voice, you can educate, advise, recommend, encourage, and influence a prospect.

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2. A social voice showcases your confidence in front of your competition
Brand rivalries are nothing new to the marketing world. When your brand’s voice is confident and genuine, you’ll have the right to call out your competition. And why not flaunt the fact that you stand strongly by your product or service?

Let’s take a look at Google and Bing, two very well-known competitors. In one of Bing’s latest campaigns against Google and its services, Bing was deliberately direct. Because Bing has a voice that targets both average users as well as the SEM (search engine marketing) community, it is basking in the increased attention—which is exactly the point of advertising.

3. Storytelling has a greater impact when you have a social voice
When convincing others into buying your product over another, it is important to stay away from being short-sighted by seeing only the end result and forgetting everything that led to its creation. Storytelling, by far, is the most effective way to convince an individual of something—anything, in fact.

Take Red Bull, for example. What comes to mind when you first think of this drink? (well, aside from the caffeine-induced highs and toddler-like energy burst). A majority of readers may automatically envision extreme sports and adventure; Red Bull has been very successful in creating stories around its brand. People absolutely love stories to which they can relate their dreams, needs, and desires. Red Bull has turned its product more into a lifestyle than just an energy drink.

4. Having the right social voice means your company may be forgiven when it makes mistakes
Whether you have a human face representing your brand or not, making a huge mistake can be quite costly for your reputation. However, with the right voice behind your brand, you can be transparent and candid in seeking forgiveness from your consumers.

Even if the company does not have a human face to represent it, they are successful in adding a human side to their marketing.

5. A social voice helps create meaningful connections
In having a brand that is strong and relatable, you create an emotional connection that will boost your sales. On average, a customer that feels more strongly connected with a particular brand is at least four times as likely to buy from that brand rather than another brand they are simply satisfied with.

Consumers are much more interested in being asked about their needs, being heard, and being invited to try out products, as well as give brands feedback. Make sure your brand is focused on the concerns of your audience. The more people can relate to a brand that has a distinctive, trustworthy personality and feels more approachable, the more likely that brand will be able to develop a deeper connection with its audience.

6. Social voice conveys trustworthiness
Can your company say that you are honest about every little detail? If not, how can you expect your customers to trust that you will do your best to address their needs? A brand that reaches to connect with its customers, listens to suggestions, and responds positively to complaints will have an easier time in expanding its customer base. Whether you go for bizarre and quirky, like the Skittles brand, or hyper-masculine, like Old Spice, there is definitely a correlation between the way you express yourself and the connection you have with customers.

There is no one way to build a connection with customers. All aspects must combine with one another for an emotional connection, brilliant branding, and superb execution. However, by using the ideal social media voice that is unique and personal, you’ll be able to reach out to your customers in a way they want to connect with you.

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