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Small Changes

IMG: Castries Market is set to undergo a facelift.

WE have wintered in St. Lucia for many years, calling it our beloved second home.

Our friends here have become family members, and we share happiness and grief.

In the telling of our lives throughout the year whether together or apart, the internet is relationship-friendly that way.

With all the cruise lines heading to St. Lucia because of fewer port destinations (due to hurricane damage), we expected some changes to the Castries Market. None was apparent.

The vendors seemed more tired, frustrated and unhappy with the lack of sales. Tourists avoided the narrow, crowded, chock-a-block aisles displaying booth after booth of identical items. It was dark and dilapidated as usual. Broken shelving, uneven floors, and a fire trap if, God forbid, that should ever happen.

Many Caribbean islands now have “friendlier” markets with bright, open food courts that offer local fare. Seating areas, musicians busking inviting the visitors in.

Take some of that extra cash that the increased cruise ship traffic must be generating and help the vendors to upgrade their space. Better yet, rebuild that entire area making it inviting, bright, colourful and open.

Right now, it appears that few local people are making a living. Spend some of this extra revenue on these people and the tourists will come.

Marion Bartlett,

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