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D’ca Police Chief Says Security Restored

THE Chief of Police of the Dominica Police Force has attempted to put the minds of citizens there at ease by assuring them that the island’s security status has been restored.

During a press conference earlier in the week, Daniel Carbon revealed that due to assistance received from regional security forces who are now on the Hurricane Maria-battered island, Dominicans can now have one less problem to worry about.

Carbon stated that the island’s Command and Control structure of the CDPF is in order, adding that no police officer’s life was lost in the disaster which damaged roughly 90% of the island’s infrastructure two weeks ago.

He stated emphatically that he fully intends to stick to the CDPF mandate, which is to maintain law and order, prevent crimes and protect lives and properties.

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While Carbon admitted that there was indeed massive looting of several business-places in the city of Roseau, and to a lesser extent in the town of Portsmouth, he stated that the reinforcement from several neighbouring islands has returned the state of security to some normalcy.

However, he did have one misconception to refute: “There is some rumour circulating that the ports in Dominica are not safe, but I wish to dispel that rumour: that is not true at all. We have had a Dutch contingent together with the Trinidad Defence Force providing security for the port.”

He continued: “We have the Roseau Fisheries Complex, we have our local officers together with the overseas deployment assisting us with that security and so the ports in Dominica are very secure.”

The regional deployments are as follows: 13 SSU personnel from the Royal St. Lucia Police Force; 25 sailors, 25 soldiers and 10 airmen from the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force have been stationed at the main port where they have been providing security and operations on the deep water harbour, with the airmen assisting with distribution and supplies; 27 soldiers from the Barbados Defence Force; 6 personnel from the Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force; and 30 officers from the Regional Security System (RSS).

Dominica is also expecting an additional 15 SSU personnel from St. Vincent and the Grenadines, as well as 120 personnel from the Jamaica Defence Force.

As of Tuesday, the island had recorded 40 arrests for criminal matters and 86 arrests for violation of curfews.
There was also a breakout by four prisoners, three of whom were on remand and one who was serving a term.
Police have captured two thus far after they were encountered and shot.
One of the two captured prisoners was particularly worrisome for the police force as he was arrested on a murder charge.
Carbon also spoke on an incident in which one armed individual attempting to loot a supermarket was shot.

On Tuesday, Carbon expressed his deepest condolences to the loved ones of the 27 people who were officially recorded as deceased, and held out hope that those said to be missing are found alive.

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