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Local and Int’l Agencies Investigate Cul-de-Sac Blast

Image: Torn roof of workshop

SEVERAL local and international agencies are helping with investigations into the explosion at Ferrand’s Quarry on the Bexon Highway more than a week ago in which three people died.

Questions such as which branch of the police force is handling the investigations and whether the investigators are a joint task force comprising members of the police force and fire service went unanswered.

The Police Press Office had previously indicated that information on the incident had to be carefully screened for fear of prejudicing the investigations.

The position by the Press Office follows comments by Police Commissioner Milton Desir at a press conference last week that samples were taken from the explosion site for testing in a laboratory in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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Apart from a statement from the R.G. Group of Companies the day after the explosion about being “overwhelmed by the loss of our family and team members” and “our unwavering support and cooperation to the investigators”, there has been no official statement since.

Three persons were killed and about 31 injured, some so severely they had to be flown to neighbouring Martinique for treatment. They remain hospitalized while others with critical wounds are still under observation at Victoria Hospital.

The explosion has since sparked discussion in certain quarters to the present La Toc location of the Government’s Magazine, which is the building designated by the police for the purpose of storing explosives.

The VOICE has learned that many warnings had been given to the authorities over the years to relocate the Magazine.

A former police officer who worked for many years in the vicinity of the Government Magazine said he was unhappy with its location and that on many people had called for the facility to be relocated to a less populated area.

It appears that last week’s explosion has created a wave of awareness of the dangers of explosives if not properly stored or handled with even the Explosives Act being scrutinized. On a radio programme last week, attorney Andie George called for its revision, claiming that it possesses many archaic edicts.

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