ECSC To Add New Division

THE Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (ECSC) is currently developing another division to be called the Family Division and that division is designed especially for dealing with children and matters pertaining to the family,” Chief Justice dame Janice Pereira said at Monday’s awards ceremony for the winners of the court’s essay and poster competitions.

The competitions, which was launched last November to kick off the court’s 50th anniversary celebrations, were opened to all member countries the court oversees.

The Family Division, will be the fourth division of the court the others being the Criminal Court where offences like theft and murder and other like offences are heard; Civil Division where judges hear cases of wrongs committed by one person against another, which are not necessarily criminal but involves wrongdoings against another and the Commercial Division where judges hear cases involving big money such as disputes between businesses like banks and other financial institutions.

The Chief Justice said the Family Division will ensure that cases are dealt with in a way where children feel safe and comfortable and where their interests will be safeguarded.

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