FOR a long time, sports has been looked upon like the glue which brings the Caribbean together when treaties exist only on aged stationery. West Indians greats like David Rudder describe the Caribbean’s love for sports as existing beyond the boundaries of runs. Such love can only result in outstanding achievements and spectacular performances on the sportive world stage.

Within the Island Neighbours, the world of sports has triumphed, and many renowned figures have taken their places in the history books. In Dominica, the brisk right arm bowler, Grayson Shillingford is recognized for his contribution towards the development of cricket in the “nature isle” and the Caribbean. This former regional and international player, though deceased, is arguable one of the greatest Dominican cricketers. Years later, the dynamic Adam Sanford from the Carib Territory, would join the slate of accomplished cricketers.

Elsewhere, the rugged moves of football has captured the hearts of many; men and women alike. Guadeloupe boasts of a skilled National Women’s Football Squad – one which has performed credibly on the regional stage. In Martinique, the National Football Team has carved its reputation as a formidable force. The former Caribbean Cup Winners (1993) has also participated in three (3) CONCACAF Gold Cups – their best effort recorded in the quarter finals.

Additionally, they were active participants in the Coupe de l’Outre – Mer which was established in 2008. They recorded wins in 2010 and stellar performances in 2008and 2012. Guadeloupe’s National Football Team also performed remarkably in 2007 when they became CONCACAF qualifiers. A similar feat was bestowed on Dominica’s National Football Team during a recent CONCACAF match against the British Virgin Islands. What are the notable sporting achievements in your island?

Image of Grayson Shillingford
Grayson Shillingford

Carnival season is back and preparations are ongoing in the nature isle. Mas Dominik kicked off with an official media launch on Thursday January. Later, the much anticipated Calypso Quarter Finals takes place on January 27. If Mas is your thing and the nature isle is your home away from home, then break away!

Neighbourly GetAways
Undoubtedly, Guadeloupe is well known for producing many champions of France. Your splendid sporting vacation can be spent golfing in Saint Francois, Surfing the Atlantic coasts, kite surfing in Sainte Anne, Mountain biking or jet skiing …On top of that a bit of hiking. All this is sure to satisfy the taste buds of the adventurer. In Dominica, visit the Windsor Park in Roseau, Dominica. This multi-purpose stadium, which is aptly named after notable figures of the royal kingdom, is the place to go to enjoy a nice game of cricket. Stade L’honneur in Martinique is a place to go to view spectacular football and Athletics activities. Make it a family sports day as you enjoy a nice game of professional football on a warm afternoon with your family.

Historical note! Guadeloupe’s Yohanne Gène was the first black cyclist to participate in Tour de France: a prestigious and prominent cycling race held annually in France. Willy Roseau is one of the most accomplished and renowned cyclists in Martinique. Did you know that Dominican cricketer Grayson Shillingford played for West Indies Cricket Team between 1969 and 1972? Getto know your neighbours!

A bit of the French for the Visitor
Noms de Sports: Name of Sports
Le basket (ball): basket ball
Le cyclisme: Cycling
La boxe: boxing
La Plongée: diving
La pêche: Fishing
Le golf: Golfing
Le hockey (sur glace): Hockey (on ice)
Le patin á roulettes: Roller skating
La Voile: sailing
La natation: swimming
Le partinage: skating
Le tennis: tennis
Le ski nautique: water skiing
L’arbitre: referee
Le coach: coach
une coéquipier: (M) Team player
Les spectateurs: Spectators
Un supporteur: (M) fan/Supporter
Un supportrice : (F) Fan/Supporter
un jouer : (M) Player
Une joueuse: (F) Player

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