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Back To Basics

I am a citizen of St. Lucia. Not particularly political or vocal or terribly savvy, but I do look around me and want to say:

To the men and women who keep our streets, communities and roadways clean: thank you. It is a task looked down upon, but so vital to our health and well being as a nation.

To the traffic police: Let this year be a preventative year. It seems that during festive times, we simply wait in expectation of road accidents and fatalities. Some police presence on the highways to get the drunk and reckless drivers off the road would make a big difference.

To healthcare providers: Please remember that although people become patients when they’re lying on the bed at the hospital, they do not stop being people. Communication and compassion are welcome and necessary. Thank you for the work that you do, that often goes unnoticed and unappreciated.

To our government: Do what is best for the country. This doesn’t always mean what is most profitable in the short term. Let us return to leadership with integrity and heart.

To the youth: You are different and your experience of life is different. It is up to you whether you use this difference for good or bad… whether you sit on your talents or use them… whether you succeed or fail. Do not let the opinions and failures of the generations before you, cause you to see yourself as less. You can make it.

To our people: It is time to return to the foundation that gave us hope, love, integrity, patience, care for one another and endurance in difficulty. It is time to return to God. God is not church or religion… get to know Him for yourself. If enough of us know Him, our country is bound to change.

–St. Lucian citizen (by birth, not investment)

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