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Merry Christmas

CHRISTMAS is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Throughout the years, many celebrations taken place for select occasions but mostly everyone enjoys this Christmas season. What is it that gives you that special Christmas feeling? People are lamenting that the time now goes by so quickly, and so there hardly seems time to enter into the true spirit of the season. Yet there is always the special element that really makes one feel that Christmas is here.

Christmas is a time of giving, and so we give gifts to our family, friends, neighbours, workers, Churches, and those we are aware of. However, we need to share selflessly with those persons who do not know us and do not have the means to repay our kindness. This works very well, as you are bringing joy and happiness to those who had no means of enjoying the Christmas season. By doing this, you of course will be blessed by God in a very special way, for as in giving you will receive.

There are parties, lunches, dinners, singing Christmas songs, invitations from many persons, and joyful events that will make everyone enjoy the day of Christmas in a very special way. These events continue over the years, and so all these things are totally dedicated to Christmas, and everyone makes plans for all of these, so that they can have a very lovely and enjoyable Christmas time.

Sometimes people who are not dedicated to the Christmas season, are not as excited about this. However, Christmas can never be ignored as everyone sees all that others have done. Lovely lights, Christmas trees, decorations, lovely music which relates so much to Christmas, and they can see so many people who are totally related to the Christmas season, especially children who enjoy this more than ever. They are looked after and given such beautiful gifts which makes them so happy at this time. Can we ignore Christmas? Not really, as it is such a lovely season of the year.

Have you already prepared everything that you would like to do? Have you been patient and accepted all that is being done in your life this year? There is no reason to panic and to think that this year will not be nice. Accept, all that is currently going on, do what you can, and serve everyone in a very special way, so that there will be joy in your life on this Christmas day.

Let peace and joy reign in your hearts during the Holiday season. Let the birth of our Saviour and the message of Hope, Peace and Love that is brought to mankind remain with you, not only throughout the season, but also throughout the coming year.

May you all have a Blessed and Merry, Merry Christmas, and a Happy, Happy New Year, filled with God’s love in all of your needs.

Thank You!


  1. Spreading.

    There, in
    the glimmer,
    while a
    thought tells
    me the story
    of a novel

    Francesco Sinibaldi

  2. MS Brice
    Wow you have attracted an Italian Poet?
    Marvelous considering this bastion Isle of Shakespeare!!
    Tou art truly representative of the “OPIATE Of the Masses”
    asserted by Karl Marx, n’est pas?
    As a lover of the genre allow me to florish your column with a n excerpt from the epic poem saga of Sir Walter Scott- from The Lady of The Lake
    First reading in a St Lucian Public School-no less!
    Hail to the chief who in triumph advances!
    Honoured and blessed be the ever-green pine!
    Long may the tree in his banner that glances,
    Flourish the shelter and grace of our line!
    Heaven send it happy dew,
    Earth lend it sap anew;
    Gaily to burgeon, and broadly to grow,
    While every Highland glen
    Sends our shout back agen,
    Roderigh Vich Alpine dhu, ho! ieroe!

    Ours is no sapling, chance-sown by the fountain,
    Blooming at Beltane, *** in winter to fade;
    When the whirlwind has stripped every leaf on the mountain,
    The more shall Clan Alpine exult in her shade.
    Moored on the rifted rock,
    Proof to the tempest’s shock,
    Firmer he roots him the ruder it blow;
    Menteith and Breadalbane, then
    Echo his praise agen,
    Roderigh Vich Alpine dhu, ho! ieroe!

    Proudly our pibroch has thrilled in Glen Fruin,
    And Banochar’s groans to our slogan replied:
    Glen Luss and Ross-dhu, they are smoking in ruin,
    And the best of Loch-Lomond lie dead on her side.
    Widow and Saxon maid,
    Long shall lament our raid,
    Think of Glen-Alpine with fear and with woe;
    Lennox and Leven-glen
    Shake when they hear agen,
    Roderigh Vich Alpine dhu, ho! ieroe!

    Row, vassals, row, for the pride of the Highlands!
    Stretch to your oars, for the ever-green pine!
    O! that the rosebud that graces yon islands,
    Were wreathed in a garland around him to twine!
    O that some seedling gem
    Worthy such noble stem,
    Honoured and blessed in their shadow might grow!
    Loud should Clan Alpine then
    Ring from her deepmost glen,
    Roderigh Vich Alpine dhu, ho! ieroe! )

    Italian meat / fish sauces are fine especially the Tuscany spiced varietals
    BUT their pastry ….well Paris does rule the world’s bakery, n’est pas?
    Ah, but for POETRY-
    the Highlands and glens and Heather valleys
    bare it all- sans pretentious reservations…yes!
    But your cousin Peter Josie prefers to drink it all via the Stills- pain free!

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