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Update on Recovery Effort in the Aftermath of Tropical Storm Matthew

Dennery clean up

Saint Lucia experienced intense rains and gusty winds due to the passage of Tropical Storm Mat-thew which impacted the island Wednesday through Thursday last week.
The event triggered a partial, then full activation of the National Emergency Operation Center (NEOC). The NEOC stood down last Friday.

Preliminary assessments indicate that the agricultural sector was the most heavily hit with as much as 85% of farms experiencing damages, followed by the water sector and then electricity and communication services. Damage assessments, road clearance and restoration of utilities are continuing in earnest.

The Saint Lucia Red Cross distributed non-food items to 77 households and 247 persons in Den-nery and to 5 households and 23 persons in Millet.
Needs are identified as follows:

Restoration of clean water

Construction material particularly roofing materials and plywood and household items -preferably cash for the purchase of these items.

Urgent re-assessment of the roofs at St. Jude Hospital, Gros-Islet Poly-clinic and Castries Health Center.

Restoration of electrical power and telephone to Health facilities Fertilizer, lime, vydate, spray oil and other supplies to assist farmers in the re-planting and restoration of farms.

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