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Highway Accident Caught on Camera

Elderly Woman, Cyclist Collide

THE condition of an elderly woman remains unknown after she came into contact with a motorcycle while attempting to cross the Gros Islet highway early yesterday morning.

The incident, which was caught on close circuit television, shows the victim and an unknown male pedestrian disembarking from a public minibus in Bois d’Orange.

Whilst attempting to cross the road, the driver of a coaster came to a stop, allowing them to do so. As the two began to cross, the male pedestrian seemed to be cautious and walked slowly before stopping in front of the coaster to look around for more oncoming traffic.

However, the elderly female was seen continuing along hurriedly, and that was when the incident occurred.

A motorcyclist drove past the waiting coaster and came into contact with the woman who was flipped into the air and landed in the middle of the road, where she appeared to show slight movement.

The video ends with oncoming traffic coming to an abrupt halt and the male pedestrian walking slowly towards the woman.

At the time of going to press, The VOICE was unable to ascertain the details and condition of the woman. However, eyewitness accounts suggest that by the time an ambulance arrived on the scene, she was completely motionless.

The condition of the motorcyclist remained unknown as well. However, photographs from eyewitnesses suggest that he, too, suffered from the collision.

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