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CARILEC hosts Occupational Health and Safety seminar


The Caribbean Electric Utility Services Corporation (CARILEC) co-hosted its 2016 Occupational Health and Safety Seminar with the Barbados Light and Power Company Limited under the theme: “Safety: A Value Not A Priority”. The seminar was held from October 23-25 at the Hilton Barbados, and sponsored by Emera (Caribbean) Incorporated.

Speaking on Emera (Caribbean) Incorporated’s support of the Seminar, Dave Mc Gregor, Vice President of Asset Management stated: “Emera Caribbean is delighted to have been able to work with CARILEC to facilitate this important contribution to worker and workplace health and safety for the Caribbean region. The health and safety of workers, and the public, is not only a priority but a corporate value of Emera Caribbean and is embedded in everything we do at Barbados Light and Power, DOMLEC and the Grand Bahama Power Company.”

The seminar commenced with a brief opening ceremony featuring a keynote speech by Brian Reece, HSE Manager at Barbados Light and Power, and addresses by Dr. Esther Byer-Suckoo, Minister of Labour, Security and Human Resource Development, Barbados and Peter Williams, Managing Director of Emera (Caribbean) Incorporated.

In her statement to participants at the start of the seminar, Minister Byer-Suckoo encouraged the delegates to exemplify leadership in their execution of their work and to continue to make “Safety a Value”. Williams, in plotting the growth and development of HSE at the utilities, applauded CARILEC for planning the seminar and challenged the delegates to plough back some of the information gained at the seminar into the work place.


The primary goal of the seminar was to showcase the latest thinking, innovation and research in occupational health and safety and examine how the workplace can be designed so that employees are safe and companies more productive. The seminar was interactive and featured energy leaders, occupational health and safety experts sharing ideas, experiences, skills and knowledge to improve the lives of employees. It also provided participants with an opportunity to network with their peers.

Many topics were covered during the seminar and the presenters did an excellent job of sharing their knowledge and experience with the participants, whose enthusiasm helped to make the seminar productive and enjoyable.
The CARILEC Secretariat wishes to thank its co-host, the Barbados Light and Power Company Limited, its sponsor, Emera (Caribbean) Incorporated, its presenters and its participants for contributing to the success of the 2016 Occupational Health and Safety Seminar which provided a wealth of ideas, experience and insight to improve occupational health and safety practice across the Caribbean region.



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