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Labour Party – A Tangled Web

By Jack Spaniard

WHEN reading the Opinion Column of the WEEKEND VOICE of 16th April 2016 under the pseudonym Stephen Lester Prescott ‘When Will Chastanet Get It Right.’ I shouted “On polling day, stupid!”

Prescott also known as “Corcott” (creole for vagina) ought to know that Allen Chastanet came into the United Workers Party as a political unknown to the long established members of the party and within one year (while Stephenson King slept and Richard Frederick bragged) he went around the island with some chosen members of the party getting himself acquainted with established and trusted members, especially the elders. He made the acquaintance of all the members of the constituency branches around the island the majority of whom had never met Steve, during his time as Chairman of the Party and later as Party Leader.

Allen Chastanet became the leader of the United Workers Party because he beat Stephenson King in a free and fair election. He whipped another man named Claudius Preville who like the big bird known as corbeau descended from his perch days before Convention to challenge the Big Chief (Allen) and got his wings chopped off. Then came Sarah Flood Beaubrun a few weeks before the last Convention, only to suffer the same fate. However unlike the two others, she read the man’s good nature and ability, stayed with him and gave the Party her full support. Let what is left of the Labour Party try to fuss about her non appointment because good things are coming her way.

Kenny, the United Workers party is well on its way to getting your Red Army decimated. From the above it is obvious that Allen the Great is by now used to getting rid, openly and lawfully of nuisances like the leader of the Red Army.

Since the Juffali fiasco was mentioned in the ‘Opinion’ article I am duty bound to state a few points well known to Saint Lucians, some of whom are capable of doing the job:
(1) Juffali, a multi millionaire had never visited Saint Lucia before his appointment, so much so that his jet first landed on another island.
(2) Upon finally landing on Saint Lucia soil his papers were queried by Immigration Officers. He turned away, spoke on his cell to someone who instructed the officer to let him through.
(3) When people got to know that the privileged white man was a multi-millionaire, they wanted to know how much the Labour Party government got for all that special treatment.
(4) Our beloved leader Allen Chastanet with his money and wit flew to London and was duly informed that money was promised at the initial meeting.
(5) Our then Prime Minister who is so fond of waving documents at the Opposition in Parliament could not afford to waive any paper this time, FOR THERE WAS NONE.
(6) This time Lord HAW! HAW! could only meekly say Juffali promised to build us a Diabetic Centre.

If that man dies we will not be able to enforce the promise he is said to have made to the Labour Party.

Most people feel that money had passed to Labour Party and therefore there was danger in not having a promise in writing – A Promissory Note! A vast amount of money was being spent by the Labour Party since Juffali’s visit.

I am surprised to read in Corcott’s letter a blatant lie indicating that the High Court Judge had stated in his judgment that Allen Chastanet was not a credible witness. I therefore state even for biased Prescott to read-‘that the judge who saw and heard Chastanet in the St. Lucia High Court said that Chastanet impressed him as a witness of truth – a credible witness’.

The Court of Appeal made up of judges (most of whom are good friends of Astaphan and Kenny) has to keep up being their friend for them to earn maximum retirement emoluments. Prescott must remember the case of St. Kitts when the Prime Minister decided (like Kenny no doubt) to change the old electoral boundaries to suit his thirst for absolute power. The Court of Appeal said Yes! Yes just carry on.” But the Privy Council said ‘No! No!” They stated he had many years to do that so why a few months before the election was due.

An appeal was filed in the House of Lords but Kenny decided to call an early election instead. Kenny thought he really only wants to get rid of the Poodle, because although only a poodle he biting him higher than his posterior and it hurts. But the UWP genius in the person of Mr. Allen Chastanet blocked his every move. Both local and overseas lawyers put their heads together and blocked every move that Kenny made. Now it is too late. The electorate has decided to try the clean face Allen instead of two faced Kenny and decimated the Red Army.

Oh what a tangled web we weave when we forever practice to deceive! Kenny bye bye! Labour Party bye bye. Forever!


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    To hear you tell this twisted tale of the international embarrassment imposed upon the Black children of this island and its people marooned somewhere in the fifteenth Century, one would think that the self-hating House Negroes in the UWP, led by the overseer and witchdoctor Guy Joseph and the Rapist, had nothing to do with endangering the existence of the country by allowing an ignorant fraudster Allen Chastanet, best described as Tarzan, Jane and Boy, to buy the Negro slaves in “Fire-relief-sale” prices.

    I thought, they did not come any lower than the shameless Negroes Black Pete and the impotent John Wayne, but you Black Sambo Jep, are a newly discovered relic from the Primordial Era, long before the advent of the Jurassic Period.

    I mean Black Sambo, “OUR DEAR LEADER”, “OUR BELOVED LEADER”, garcon, ko-wuu sortie? North Korea? But you look at me in the face and tell me what the Judge said, thinking that this impostor Allen Chastanet, who is a public liar, even pretending to be fluent in speaking Kweyol, needs anyone to confirm him as a shyster taking Lucians on a suicide mission, and putting them back into slavery with Miss Jane Tarzan Dubulay as your white woman .



  2. Jep: A tangled web and guess who is the fly? Ki moun ki plus gros corcott mal powp la? translate that for your Dear Leader, gros vollier ah, Allen Chastanet.
    YES! Yo Bouche vollier ah.

    Many of us have known that this Crime Family has no limits. The Thug Michael Chastanet has openly advocated for the murder of Black Saint Lucians. This Criminal raised his offspring to hate our people and our Kweyol Culture, knowing well that Negro Samboes like Rick John Wayne and Black Pete Josie along with the other criminals who have aided and abetted this reign of terror upon our people of St. Lucia by the Chastanet Crime Family, would sell their own mothers for the promise of getting a white woman to make these scumbags honorary white men.

    This is the worthless idiot swindler these Sambo Negroes have made our Prime Minster, thinking that this fraudster Allen Chastanet is God incarnate. Now only a few days into this Nightmare, the international embarrassment has accelerated to see this worthless idiot being Charged with Malfeasance in office and facing several years in Prison for stealing money from the people of Soufriere for his personal use.

    CASTRIES, St. Lucia, Wednesday July 6, 2016 – Allegations of breach of trust and misfeasance in public office have come back to haunt St. Lucia’s Prime Minister Allen Chastanet.

    Just over a year after a High Court judge threw out the claim against Chastanet, the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal has reinstated it.

    It was on December 10, 2013, that several allegations were made in a claim filed by the Attorney General against Chastanet, as a former government minister, and Chairman of the Soufriere Town Council, Kenneth Cazaubon.

    Chief among the allegations were that Chastanet, while a minister of Government and a candidate for the United Workers Party (UWP) requested, advised, received, permitted or acquiesced in the expenditure of the sum of EC$38,119 (US$) of public funds of the Council for the unlawful purpose of a campaign and political event for his personal and the political benefit of his political party, the UWP.

    The money had been raised by the government of St. Lucia, from Taiwan, for specific community projects. It was also alleged that Chastanet knew or ought to have known or was recklessly indifferent to the fact that the conduct in question was unlawful and that as a consequence, he acted in a manner that amounted to a breach of his fiduciary duties as a minister of Government, bad faith and/or misfeasance in public office.

    It was further alleged that Cazaubon, as Chairman of the Council, abdicated his authority and acted in breach of his fiduciary duties when he acted on Chastanet’s request, instruction or direction and gave instructions to pay, or caused the Council to pay, public funds for the unlawful purpose of meeting expenses of a campaign and political event.

    In a judgment delivered on Monday, the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal held that High Court judge, Justice Belle, made an error in striking out the application against Chastanet without first having a substantial hearing with evidence on the merits.

    “The remedy of striking out is a nuclear option and should only be utilized in cases where the pleadings are incurably bad…The learned judge went too far and made several findings of fact on matters that were not before him for determination,” the court said.

    The Court of Appeal therefore sent the case back to the Supreme Court to be heard by a different judge.

    In a statement following the judgment, the St. Lucia Labour Party, which was in power when the claim was made against Chastanet, welcomed the ruling, saying that the case had always only been about “safeguarding public funds, the issue of good governance, the fiduciary obligation of public officers, especially ministers to treat with public funds in a proper manner and the abuse of office by public officials including ministers”.

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