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Class is Class

THE words which I choose to describe the first sitting of the 11th session of the Parliament of Saint is a ‘class is class.’ Yes, and before Tuesday, the few men I had personally observed who exuded the type of class I refer to here include such greats as Sir Garnet Gordon, Sir Leton Thomas, Vincent Floissac, Sir Allen Louisy and Sir Wilfred St. Clair Daniel.

Such class is defined by the manner these examples carried themselves, by their gait and stature, their ready smile and gentile manner and by the words of wisdom which escaped them no matter the interlocutor.

I was reminded of these Saint Lucian greats when I listened to the policy address as presented by the Governor General, Dame PearletteLouisy in the joint session of Parliament. I am aware that that speech represented the policy direction of the new Saint Lucia government headed by Allen Chastanet. It certainly reflected the deeply held belief of many Saint Lucians who prayed for change, including of course, many Labourites.

There were no veiled innuendoes, no airing of past political greviances, no scandalous assertions and certainly no threats. This is how persons of class and intellect behave and speak. On the government benches only Guy Joseph appeared in a colour which may have betrayed his party affiliation. I hasten to add, that yellow is a preferred colour for some persons just as sky blue is for me. But no one can deny the red-tie intent of the sour losers opposite.

Finally, I liked the fact that no specific date was given for the opening of St. Jude hospital at Vieux Fort. I feel certain the Prime Minister and his Minister of Health will see to it that that hospital is re-opened as soon as possible. I have tried to find something which needs improving in that Throne Speech and so far I have discovered none. Congratulations are therefore in order. Saint Lucia can continue to breathe easily and live in hope. That first sitting of the new parliament was a class act. Well done guys and try your best to maintain that standard.

–Peter Josie.


  1. SAMJ
    Cromwell BEHEADING King Charles = Revolution
    The storming of the Bastille and subsequent eradication of the royalty and their aristocrat coattails + REVOLUTION!
    The Haitian kickass of the French colonial massas + revolution
    Cuba +Castro = Revolution
    Simon Bolivar + Che = Revolution

  2. SAMJ
    BUT BUTT BUTTER for fat
    The recent election involving 50% of an electorate + apathy = CORPORATE RAID of a Junk bonded economy.
    They merely BANK on them.
    The first Rothchild made his mark via SPECULATION on the KNOWN outcome of the BATTLE OF WATERLOO….
    Imagine that: The DOMINANT Central Banking Cartel in the Solar System began with shark like- FELONY

  3. Yes sirree THE BANK OF ENGLAND which Rothchild owned birthed the modern era via DECEIT —on the sufferings of WAR.
    Using your current definition of revolution …..hitherto is your most classic revolution in the domain of economics.
    Take your corporate raiders and thyself and go JACKOFF at the Coliseum with PEETAR, RICKETS et Caligula
    REMEMBER aristocrats like Chas merely EXPLOIT vulnerabilities within true revolutions.
    Aristocrats see $$$$ opportunities during national crisis like war etc.

    Wasn’t George Washington, who led the American Revolution, an aristocrat?

  5. citizen Kane, these clowns only pretending to sound smart. Donald Trump has expose how truly dumb these folks are. Could you imagine Donald Trump president of these folks free world.

  6. NY??
    Do you know of any RICH land surveyors in St. Lucia (Legal)?
    Or any aristocrat getting his hand muddy measuing hostile lands , with the constant threat of either a native American arrow or colonial rival’s musket ball to the back? I have MASTERED AMERICAN HISTORY from 1776 -1976… with both fluid and crystallized abilities. I do have the high ground on that subject …unlike your aristocratic massa.

  7. NY ??
    George toiled in a very sweaty dangerous career scouting the frontiers of early colonial America on behalf of land speculators. Perfect high risk greater payoffs job at that time..
    When the need to expand against very loose FRENCH territorial claims in the OHIO Valley, George was enlisted as military scout off this vast barren wilderness -which he knew intimately in his early work as a blue collar surveyor. There is even speculation that he had bad oral orifice because of the inability to afford early DENTISTRY.
    RIGT PLACE -RIGHT TIME- RIGHT TOOLBOX OF SKILLS (LAND GRABBING on the frontier) in support of the military- George quickly rose with acclaim.
    Therefore when the Colonial unrest began, he quickly became the GO TO GUY about LAND SPECULATION and NATIVE AFFAIRS.
    Obviously he amassed a small fortune in those early years of frontier exploitation and ROBBING NATIVE AMERICANS of the valuable lands.
    He was not born an aristocrat but his earned economic and rapid military rankings among a mostly ILLITERATE society-at that time made him the best candidate to LEAD the scruffy militias into a generous fighting force of rebels against the crown.

  8. DASSAULT MIRAGE: 4:08 am
    You on launch break on that grave yard shift in a basement on Columbus Ave….uh, uh, new york, new york. Get a life, you fake.

  9. “While still a teenager, George Washington held the important job of surveyor; before he was twenty he commanded a regiment; years before the American Revolution. And don’t forget, he was a member of Virginia’s landowner class. This made him something like an aristocrat. In colonial Virginia, planters owned large tracts of land with grand mansions, producing tobacco with the forced labor of slaves. Though the planters were often in debt, they lived in high style, imitating the manners, lifestyles, and social customs of English aristocrats. This small group of white, English men held all power in Virginia. Washington was born into this group.”

    So George Washington was an aristocrat by the time he led the American Revolution. Period!!!

  10. Josie stooges/
    A poor St.Lucian with a standard 3 education goes to America and toils as as a snincere janitor for many years , plays the lottery wins 300 million dollars. He returns to St Lucia to live an opulent lifestyle!
    RECALL there were /are GOLF and Yacht club that did not accept women and blclacks as paing members regardless
    of skills or size of personal bankroll.
    NEW MONEY does not equal membership into the local aristocracy.
    Old -blue blood power influence and money handed down generation by generation DOES!!!!!
    Therefore, Josie neophytes do not attempt to dress up Chas in the raiments of George Washington.

  11. Josie stooges/
    George rose from the ranks of the working middle class as an ambitious land surveyor. His expertise , especially at confrontations with the French and their native American allies bid him well when the colonial revolt took off.
    George actually shunned the opulence of wealth and the aristocratic society that made him their darling of the post colonial era. He loved the country hated cities.
    The American War of Independence was an international team effort with rich French generals and Euro banks training and propping up a rag tag tag militia dominated by illiterate cannon fodder.
    No wonder the 2nd Amendment is so well ENTRENCHED in the current social psyche.
    Chas is an aristocrat (recpient of the proverbial silver spoon -before birth)
    George EARNED his fortune and fame -THE HARD WAY.
    As in getting down and dirty with the commoners…n’est pas?
    Chas does not even know patois….for crying out loud!!!!!
    I remain
    The Real Deal !

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