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Back to His Old Tricks?

I was disgusted to hear the sore loser trying his old political tricks again. The man has been as quiet as a snake since his severe licking. For a moment I too believed he had taken refuge in Trinidad. Lo and behold, as soon as his government’s court persecution of Allen Chastanet and Cazabuon, in relation to Soufriere, offered a glimmer of hope, he was back to his old divisive politics.

Notice, he did not allow the Leader of the Opposition (and leader of the SLP), to make a statement on the court ruling. There are persons here, some of them supporters of SLP, who can name former politicians who abused Taiwanese funds. I pray to God that this UWP Government finds the gonads to prosecute IMPACS, Grynberg, and the many questionable deals of the former government so that the people can know the truth.

This government must do this early in its term of office or the people will lose confidence and think they’re the same as the SLP. The new government must make politicians pay for abusing their power and trust of the people. Please, I beg you do not give the former Prime Minister the least chance to return to office. Beat the iron whilst it is hot. The people have seen through the deceit and lies of the past government. Just look at the anger of the face of the former leader during the sitting of the House last Tuesday.

– Francis I. David.


  1. ………take courage Francis,…….it is only the 30th day of the Revolution that was not televised!!

  2. $


    You have me thinking that the imbecile Allen Chastanet is some kind of Radioactive Waste of the Uranium isotope plutonium 239, because everyone who has gravitated to this idiot Allen Chastanet exhibits symptoms of mental retardation and dies of Cancer.

    Look Francis, you ignorant Retard, IMPACS is the report of the investigations into the serial murders of black Lucian Men committed by the Criminals of the UWP under the leadership of the spineless Stephenson King with the help of the Chastanet Crime Family and a rogue gang of Killer Police.

    I thought for a second there, you were going to call for the immediate arrest of this little thief Allen Chastanet, who stole FORTY-THOUSAND DOLLARS from the people of Soufriere to line his pockets and to gamble.

    Allow me to let Lucifer Chastanet explain the need to murder Black St. Lucians, as Michael Chastanet’s Caucasian Christian brothers do to African Americans in the States – “That’s what we do!” says this scumbag.



  3. Do not think that Kenny is finished in St Lucian politics.
    He is just resting after the mess he has made with 14 years as Prime Minister. Like a vulture he has just backed off temporarily to let that incompetent Pierre take the heat for the inequality, unemployment, stress, and hatred between factions created by 14 years of Kennys mismanagement.
    Keny and Tony are just waiting to strike again if the Chastanet Administration falters after which he will trip up Pierre and try to come back again.
    Every Press Release or social media input has been filled with anger, self pity and no remorse.
    Be warned St Lucia.
    Be warned St Lucia.

  4. #

    ” if the Chastanet Administration falters” ????

    Someone described you acolytes of the imbecile Allen Chastanet as a DELUDED FOLK, and I swear this little thief Allen Chastanet who stole forty-thousand dollars from the people of Soufriere, and goes around the world blaming the U.S.A. for deporting thousands of Criminal St. Lucians back to Castries to justify his father’s involvement in the murder of countless black St. Lucians males, has already FALTERED AND BOMBED.

    The sooner this criminal is relieved of his involvement in Government the better our chances are to rescue our country from Tarzan, Jane, and Boy.


    Why won’t you do the honorable thing and RESIGN from the Government of St. Lucia, without taking our people whose Language and Culture you and the Chastanet Crime Family hates with a passion. Please RESIGN IMMEDIATELY before you drag our country and its people in the mud and Kaka Chien, with your LYING, VILLAINOUS, DECEITFUL, BOGUS, AND CORRUPT SELF.

    Here we see this LIAR Allen Chastanet pretending the earpiece does not “SPEAK KWEYOL”, in this FAILED attempt to deceive the people of this island.





    PRESS RELEASE, By US Embassy –

    A July 11 article in the Nation newspaper, “Chastanet Blames U.S.,” reported that Saint Lucia Prime Minister Allen Chastanet said that the United States government was slashing funding for security assistance in the region and contributing to regional crime by deporting criminals back to their countries of origin.

    He was also quoted as stating that 800 criminals were deported to St. Lucia in one year.

    In fact, the United States, in partnership with Eastern Caribbean governments, is committed to strengthening security in the region. As evidence of this commitment, the United States government steadily increased funding for regional security since President Obama launched the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative in 2009.

    Funding from the State Department’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL) alone increased 31 percent between fiscal year 2015 and fiscal year 2016. In 2016, INL plans to spend approximately USD$3.94 million on equipment, infrastructure upgrades and law enforcement training to combat trafficking, enhance security, and strengthen justice systems in the Eastern Caribbean.

    The United States is also contributing USD$8.25 million to a joint U.S.-Canadian project to refurbish the Regional Security System (RSS) Air Wing, which will improve RSS interdiction and search-and-rescue capabilities.

    As to the issue of deportees, any International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) member country has an obligation to accept its nationals who are deported for crimes committed in another country. St. Lucia is an ICAO member (as is the United States) and is thus subject to this obligation. United States government statistics indicate that the total number of deportees returned to St. Lucia in the last five years was less than 100. In 2015, there were only eight such cases.

    The United States government has never wavered in its security commitment to the Eastern Caribbean, and continues to invest heavily in building the capacity of our partner nations to make the region more safe and secure.

    – By US Embassy
    Contact: Public Affairs Section, TEL: (246) 227-4206, Email: BridgetownPress@state.gov

  6. SOM: So now you going to believe whats come out from the WHITE US government ? you are such a dirty dog. Your Allah is a bulla

  7. NY
    I would expect the quality of blog responses even with its expected punch lines -to rise post elections. Malheuresment, even you have faltered terribly.
    Citations are the core of our blog forum- regardless of our persuasions.
    Your rather adolescent glib above is truly abysmal.
    The quotes of US Gov figures can be CHECKED out easily.
    Apparently, you and so many ……can’t seem to handle truth or the Scientific method of enquiry.
    Frankly, your last line was not stated as an informed opinion. Rather, it reveals your stage of reflection on the MONOTHEISTIC testimony heralded by SOM ; seeping into your TAINTED conviction of your handed down -if not spiked in polytheistic dogma.
    I hear your angst BUT do realize that you may need the approximation of transcendental meditation and or humble supplication to embrace that which you must.
    NY/ Blasphemy does not prove you are tough.
    It merely hints at ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT
    With a nom de plume of the City on the Hudson, I do expect EXCELSIOR representation
    Lets keep the LABOU in the Tromassee delta…oui!

    1. DM, I can not expect any better from you: “the quotes of US Gov figures can be CHECKED out easily”. Then please explain the nsa and edward snowden. there is nothing you can tell me about the US and THE ROTTEN US GOVERNMENT. Donald Trump is your next president and you have the balls to comment about chas….bring your ass back to St. luicia and make a healthy contribution. Week inn, Week out you and that jackass SOM keep posting a load of trash. Find something better to do with you time. True blogger post a photo OF SELF, fake bloggers go by the name DASSAULT MIRAGE…. YOU LIKE DONALD TRUMP, YOU ARE A FAKE.

      1. NY:

        You and your confederates are sorry and shameless Mal-mamas, calling our brother “poop”. Showing no respect for DR. AL-AMEEN, who has contributed to our enlightenment in numerous ways. On the other hand the parameters of your contributions or lack thereof is discussion of fecal matter prefixed and suffixed with POOP.

        I don’t know what homosexual transvestites like you and the other confederates find enticing about the anus or find attractive about human excrement, but let me suggest, you will find better accommodations with the Male Stripper Rick John Wayne giving lap dances already well primed in Petroleum Jelly/Vaseline, and Black Pete Josie whose ingestion of female hormones have produced the feminine voice tones of Madonna, making him the envy of the transvestite who goes by the name of Caitlyn Jenner.

        DR. AL-AMEEN don’t allow this gnat in some NY sewer to stop you from sharing your wisdom with us. Use Al-HAQQ/ THE TRUTH to destroy these nonenties who believe that God has a baby SON-OF-GOD.

        Surah Al-Anbiya

        Not for (idle) sport did We create the heavens and the earth and all that is between! (16)

        If it had been Our wish to take (just) a pastime, We should surely have taken it from the things nearest to Us, if We would do (such a thing)! (17)

        Nay, We hurl the Truth against falsehood, and it knocks out its brain, and behold falsehood doth perish! Ah! woe be to you for the (false) things ye ascribe (to Us). (18)

        1. Toby:
          You SOM aka “Toby”, DM and That poop head AL-AMEEN, lack basic common sense. You denigrate a human being in one sentence and in the next sentence you speak of love of God. Which God in his/her right mind is going to pay attention to your demagoguery. You indulging in all kinds of may-pee under the guise of being intelligent. You SOM, you lack basic common sense and you are a FRAUD. AL-AMEEN IS A POOP HEAD AND MR. SHAKESPEARE, DASSAULT MIRAGE. He is a FAKE. Together you three make up the three STOOGES. That story book you quoting from have you delusional…. “that God has a baby SON-OF-GOD”. One of these good days, God giving you one hard slap in your ass for talking shake. You all three stooges think we sleeping. Son of Dog, I am a PATRIOT…..not a convoluted muslim with three WHITE wives paint in BLACK, not a poop head fraudulent DR. AL-CACA or that FAKE shakespearean DASSAULT MIRAGE. I have a profound love for my Island. I vote in a closed booth and respect the will of the people and when the voting process is over. I really behind my leader….The three stooges, please note the operative word here. LOVE FOR ISLAND

  8. By the by I also object to the EURO affinity with the inferior canine world in vain attempts to insult Afrocentric people……. After all they kiss and even make love to them!!!!!!!YIKES
    please try GORILLA. you think we are ugly -anyway
    —especially the Silver Back varietal
    Our local Tarzan and Jane are comfortable with Lucian misogynist CHIMPS
    but are definitely dreadful of true African Silver Back-defending its territorial claims 🙂

  9. .

    I find it extremely difficult to believe that there can be this many retrograde negroes of the same caliber, TOM TOM KANE and Abel, and this lunatic NY who thinks that the Chastanet Crime Family will save him from eating Dog meat and Swine.

    Here we see another brain-damaged Negro residing in some basement in Brooklyn, naming himself after the Empire State. So here’s the catalogue of the Negro minions of Chastanet Crime Family,an idiot who has an obese Caucasian transvestite he picked up eating Cheesecake in Brooklyn and sees himself as uncle TOM TOM KANE, another Honorary White American STRIPPER RICK JOHN WAYNE, and the newly inducted into the Hall of Shame, naming himself after the Empire State because he lives in some basement on Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn,N.Y.

    I always envisioned N.Y. as a progressive city with Giants like Malcolm X Shabazz, so why do Lucians Negroes who go to this renowned city can only end up in some church praying to Caucasians to make them white like God and bless them with an American Jamet to bring back to St. Lucia like Derek Walcott and John Wayne, and Uncle Sambo TOM TOM?

    TOM TOM has gone a step ahead and goes to some church where he “Speaks in Tongues” that not even that jackass can understand himself.




  10. NY. I totally agree with most of your statements. These two individuals Son of Man and dassault- mirage are nothing more than egotistical inflated coons who bask in the glory of their primal education. A confused bunch of lunatics who on one hand constantly condemn the white man and in the flicker of an instant are eating the feces of that very white man by giving him full support. Siding with the us government for reporting their criminals to the Caribbean countries when they first migrated there as infant children and adopted all the vices of that criminal society. Then to use their place of birth as an excuse rather than blaming their system for failing their citizens, especially minorities is nothing less than criminal behaviors and brute force manipulation.
    Then to have these fools who constantly condemns the white man to side with such practices tells us these are not patriotic lunatics who simply are confused, inept crammers, using repetitious sayings with no sense of direction. Nothing less than two total waste.

  11. >

    It is self-evident that the mentally deranged Negroes like Rick John Wayne, Black Pete Josie now in communion with slaves of the White God and the Chastanet Crime Family, marooned in time somewhere in the Pacific with Robinson Crusoe, are a shameless bunch of criminals willing to place on public display their flawed characters without the slightest hesitation.

    It is not my intended purpose to disparage these victims of miseducation and white supremacy, being cognizant that they display the Classical symptoms of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome. I have consistently stated that any Black man who has his women, wife, jabal, and daughters kneel at the feet of a naked Caucasian man to be bathed in his bloody urine, with open mouths are sick and cannibalistic savages, incapable of rational thinking, a condition imposed upon these slaves by a demonic doctrine, dispensed by a cabal of perverts who are internationally renowned pedophiles.

    This evil doctrine teaches these Brain-dead Samboes that the Owner and Creator of the numerable Galaxies, “HAD TO BECOME A WHITE MAN TO SAVE THE WORLD FROM SATAN, BY KILLING HIMSELF TO PAY SATAN WITH BLOOD” – who believes this kind of KAKA chien other than the acolytes of Lucifer Chastanet ?? I have exposed the deviant lifestyles of these socially maladjusted homeless males on Peynier Street, who spend their wasted lives watching Porn, masturbating, and sexually abusing Jeannine Compton, little five and six-year old boys and girls, and raping Nuns while being paid by the Italian Bishop in Rome.

    The pathological liar Allen Chastanet, who is now facing malfeasance charges for stealing some forty-thousand dollars from the people of Soufriere to line his pockets, continues to practice his deception on the people of this island, making outrageous claims that the U.S.A. deported thousands of Saint Lucian Criminals in the past years. The liar Allen Chastanet said 800, 700, 600, 500, 300, Lucian Criminals were deported from the USA to St. Lucia at a time when the U.S.A. had terminated funding the criminal activities of the Stephenson King, and Vernon Francois’ police assassins who murdered countless black people at the instructions of King’s UWP cronies, being incited by the Chastanet Crime Family as reported in IMPACS.

    Today we can observe Allen Chastanet and his criminal minions play the race card to deflect attention from the Chastanet Crime family, by blaming the USA for the millions of U.S. Dollars being denied the people of this island because of the criminal activities of the Chastanet Crime Family and the U.W.P. Swindlers and hitmen. So The Crime Family sends a house nigger calling himself OBSERVER to join Rick John Wayne and his lover on the Stripper’s Pole to get obliterated.





    1. Chastanet has offered an apology for the inflated numbers and as you told us, Allan has been embarrassing our little once proud country ever since he became UWP leader. So far you have called it right on spot. I pray you will soon be mistaken SOM, or may God help Saint Lucia.

  12. “… praying to Caucasians to make them white like God….”

    This fake retarded cockeyed Muslim, who recently told us that all of the waters – the seas, the oceans, the lakes, the rivers, the ponds – upon the earth was brought here by some rock from outer space; is now trying to convince us that we are wrongfully worshipping a White God that originated in Europe.

    Yes my friends; this Son-of-man character is now trying to tell us that JESUS is a European, and he is as white as snow.
    Didn’t the Good Book taught us that Jesus’ parents were from Nazareth, Israel, and that Jesus himself was born in Bethlehem a few miles north of where Muhammad was born in Saudi Arabia? So how the heck can Jesus be European when Muhammad isn’t?

    Son-of-man, I personally think you have too much time on your hands to do the work of Satan; and you should, instead, do what Muslims do: Go to the Mosque 5 times a day to pray to Allah, and don’t forget to face the oil-rich country of Saudi Arabia. Yes, that’s a major difference between our two religions: Christians pray to Jesus by looking towards heaven; Muslims, on the other hand, pray to Allah by looking towards Saudi Arabia.

    1. YES you ignorant slave. I also told you that the Absolute Value of a -(5) + (5) = 10 and you laughed at me, while you continue to lie to Lucians about how Caucasians Love your little Black Sambo self. So go on believing the Planet Earth is 6,000 years old and speaking in Tongues. you damn retard.

      I know the people here see how your Caucasian Masters treat you Negroes in N.Y., wasn’t that you the police shot dead on Atlantic Ave. a few days ago in Road Rage ?





      The video was grainy, and the men on the street were blurs rendered in black and white. But the clip, recorded by a surveillance camera pointed at a Brooklyn intersection, shows a man approaching the driver’s side window of a car, and then, in an instant, stumbling away before collapsing onto the pavement.

      Law enforcement officials said they believed that the video, which circulated late last week, showed the fatal shooting of the man, Delrawn Small, by an off-duty New York City police officer during a traffic dispute on July 4.





      1. SOM aka “Toby”, you and that other fake negro: DASSAULT MIRAGE. you two unpatriotic imbeciles. We the good loving patriotic Saint Lucians, is saying to you two clowns: make a positive contribution to the development of our nation. Stop constantly undermining our quality of life. The elections are over, use your precious time to discuss the issues. I know you and that clown DM, lack common sense. the issues that needs urgent attention: 1. assisting small business. 2. reducing the hight back interest rate. 3. expanding educational opportunities. 3. providing quality and a affordable health care system. Lets see if you TOBY and Mr. SHAKESPEARE, DASSAULT MIRAGE, has the basic
        common sense in properly arresting these troublesome issues.

  13. Citizen Kane. Brother Malcolm X said it perfectly when he described individuals like Son Of Man. He is nothing more than a House Nigger. A deranged, sick and twisted house slave that believes in the ideology that when His Massa is sick, he decries, Massa We Sick.

    SOM, your days call days of trying to educate ” your people” is over. Just like Peter who cried wolf once too many times you are now
    seen for exactly who you are. An empty vessel that rattles continuously for lack of having the capacity to contain water because the bottom.
    has numerous holes.
    You constantly Condemn the white man on one hand while worshipping him with the next hand. Go and find that tiny rock to hide under as your permanent home of residence for you are nothing more than a devil worshipper who soul rather be a Master In Hell than A Servant In Heaven.

    1. SAMBO

      You charlatans are just a sick people with no shame, and you continue to substantiate my classification of your type as brain-damaged House Niggers. Just imagine Negro Sambos who hates Islam and prays to a naked Caucasian as their God and Master, citing Malcolm X. Shabazz describing TOM TOM KANE.

      This is simply the most bizarre group of House Niggers ever invented by this Caucasoid Slave Master in the history of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade and Colonialism. Here I am an individual baptised in the House of Wax on Micoud Street, and given a Slave Name by these Perverts in the Homeless Shelter Presbytery, having the courage and dignity to discard the Slave identity along with the demonic practices of worshiping a naked Caucasian and praying to Dead people, them embracing the Religion of Al-Hajj Malik Shabazz, having to listen to this pathetic Negro Sambo with a Cross and a Dead Caucasian hanging around his neck, tell me that I am some kind of House Nigger celebrating the installment of the pathological liar and dyslexic Allen Chastanet and the Chastanet Crime Family of Tarzan, Jane and Boy to rule over this country of Black People, shown to the outside world as cannibal savages conquered by Tarzan, Jane and Boy.

      If this little thief Allen Chastanet had a scintilla of respect for the Stripper and Black Pete, this lowlife scumbag would never have used the money he made off the backs of Negro Slaves to make the Chastanet Crime Family Lords and Masters over your Black Children knowing fully well that this will damage them psychologically for life.


      If you scumbag Negro Sambos want to do anything it would behoove you to stop naming your children after your Caucasian Slave Masters, stop being slaves of the Chastanet Crime Family, and stop making your women and daughters perform blow jobs on that naked caucasian nailed to a cross post.




    1. You have 3 WHITE wives paint in Jet BLACK and you keep talking a load of crap. you are a fraud with nothing progressive to offer. You living in the pass, you stooge.

  14. Citizen Kane. I enjoy reading the ways in which you dissect this clown’s ranting and rumblings, the so call Son Of Man. You make him appear just for the totally confused and inept misguided fool that he is. He appears to suffer from a loss of words whenever he sees your response to his rants and completely deviates from the issue under discussion and desperately tries to raise other non relevant issues.
    It appears that he uses the bathroom upon himself from fear every time that he sees your name appear in response to many of his meaningless babblings.. Great job on your part Citizen Kane. Keep up the good work.

  15. $

    There is not much of a point left to be made about the Mental Amputee Allen Chastanet with regards to his total lack of credibility, when addressing his lobotomized aficionados. This Criminal Allen Chastanet has been adjudicated by the courts of Law to be a pathological liar, yet Negro Sambos like Black Pete Josie, Ezekiel Joseph, Rick John Wayne and a never ending stream of San Honte/shameless Negro Sambos like the critters from the NY sewers who keep telling us how privileged they are to receive the crumbs from the Lazarus tables of Lucifer Chastanet Crime Family, while telling the liberated Africans to join these pathetic House Niggers in their orgies of denial.

    This Pathological Liar and Mental Amputee Allen Chastanet who tells the children of this island that he and the Pink people are created in the image of God, and has a Divine right to be their master, implying that our Golden Chocolate Complexion is inferior and created in the image of Satan , looked us in the eye yesterday, claiming to offer an apology for the lies he had Jinned-up on the international stage, accusing the United States of deporting thousands of Lucian Criminals back to their home country – REMEMBER THIS LITTLE LIAR THIEF ALLEN WAS NOT BORN IN ST. LUCIA – is the reason his father encouraged and incited the murder of countless Black-a-Moor Lucians, in what turned out to be a failed attempt to protect the Chastanet Crime Family from criminal prosecution.

    This SOB Allen just kept on lying, telling the Lucian People who are retarded, that the numbers he gave them were in actuality the number of criminals deported to the Eastern Caribbean States, which has again prompted the United States Embassy to convict Allen Chastanet as a Sick LIAR in as many days, in need of Psychiatric medication, and releasing this statement:
    “In the case of Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean, US Embassy Bridgetown sends a letter to local police or other relevant local authorities informing them of the crime for which the individual is being deported, all pertinent information about the logistics of their return, and how local law enforcement can receive more detailed information regarding the criminal history of the individual.”

    Here are the thousands and thousands of deportees returned to the Eastern Caribbean in the past years:
    2004 ’05 ’06 ’07 ’08 ’09 2010 ’11 ’12 ’13 ’14 ’15
    Antigua-Barbuda 36 34 40 45 28 43 24 19 39 21 15 15
    Barbados 75 65 46 40 44 48 44 41 50 26 0 12
    Dominica 47 26 28 49 35 35 38 34 22 17 16 15
    Grenada 26 38 27 28 28 29 47 46 28 11 12 10
    St. Kitts-Nevis 26 24 25 14 14 12 15 20 37 14 17 15
    Saint Lucia 50 50 36 46 30 37 35 23 23 26 12 8
    Saint Vincent 44 44 21 26 23 32 26 20 28 22 19 9
    YEARS’ TOTALS 306 283 222 248 202 236 229 203 227 137 91 84

    When did the deportees amount to the 800, or thousands ? We have a serious problem and it is NOT DEPORTEES, IT IS THE PATHOLOGICAL LIAR AND PRIME IMBECILE ALLEN CHASTANET

    Not even one hundred Lucians were deporthe home in the last six years, but this Lunatic L-jah-bles Ka “de Paley”




  16. acolytes of Peetar- the cutural saboteur/
    Retarded ignorance is truly blissful on “island”!
    No response to the published STATISTICAL references.
    No questioning of a CEO ‘s bookkeeping skills.
    But note how the insults fly when the pattern of his lies is revealed.
    Damn, one would imagine that SOM had won the elections -given the halogen glare of stadium lights he receives.
    Seems like SOM’s steed has stepped on a chronic flawed character trait (compulsive lying) and all his rabid puppets are swirling like the proverbial hornet’s nest.
    To date there has been NO credible CITATION relevant defense of Polytheism.
    In other words HINDUISM is just as relevant (acceptable) to your current polytheistic hypothesis .
    Typical warf rat Baad-Juhn bully intimidation tactics when a topic is Beyond your ability to wrap your low ceiling of logical processing around it…..oui!

  17. What we have in StLucia are all the trappings, manifestations and psychological manipulations of PAGANISM ensconced in the raiments of structured dominant denominations.- designed to ensnare the sleepy tropical brain.
    Go out on Friday to Saturday on your orgies of imbibing LIQUOR, trying out your porn fantasies on unsuspecting girls (Pete mastered that art as a student ar Saint Mary’s College , circa the unplanned pregnancy of a virgin girl – citation – his own book on Google books with Ack from Lime Rickey Wane the Lifter)-.

  18. Go ahead and abuse every illegal chemical substance for your own HEDONISTIC gratification………it’s all good
    Come Sunday -prior to HIGH MASS
    Step into OUR CONFESSIONAL Suite
    and VOILA!
    YOU shall be FORGIVEN – Clean slate -Tabla Rosa
    of all your felonious, misdemeanor misdeeds–toute suite ….faster than a microwave
    Just remember to put on your Sunday best clothes and drop a well stacked enveloped of dollars during the OFFERINGS segment- Hey if you are too hangover -mail it in. We prefer Western Union- We have a dedicated receiving terminal at our Micoud Street HQ.
    Peetar and ST Peter promise that your SINS are wiped clean as the fresh driven powder you had up your nostrils last Friday during your club hopping jaunt.
    Now that is ideal gospel and very comforting too.!
    How about doctrine Citizen Ko-KANE 🙂

  19. And what is it with the GURLIE -She-Man- CoCad mannerisms …..of checking my online TIME signature.
    Next ting yuh know – yuh wanna check moi calzon for ice -cream residuals…..
    all hail the despot gorgon regime puppets!
    Is that how the papal sanctioned INQUISITION began?
    As in checking the foreskins of boys for tell tale evidence of?????????
    ou la la ….indeed!

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