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Shades Of St. Kitts


The political climate in St Lucia now reminds one of that which existed in St Kitts before their last election.
The ruling party of Denzil Douglas had tried every dirty trick imaginable to win the election at all costs, at a time of rising unpopularity. The St Lucia Labour Party is doing the same as I write this. Right up to polling day they were conspiring and plotting to take the election. But it did not happen.

It is my hope that what happened in St Kitts is replicated in St Lucia and we send Dr. Anthony and his team packing. Too much corruption, too much unaccountability, too much dirt being thrown about, too many lies, too many projects in the last few weeks that have appeared from nowhere. Enough is enough. We must vote Labour out, but the UWP must ensure that the election is not stolen from them, as happened five years ago.

–Therese Sylvia Plummer


  1. Ms. Plummer,
    Your story is about 4 plus years too late. Your comments are best suited in 2011 when corruption, contractual fraud and embezzlement was the norm in the period when the UWP had their hands in the kitty. Its too bad the (independent) justice department failed to focus on indictments. They may wish to run this filthy campaign to return to their tricks but we got you the time; it’s not going to be business as usual. The bars of justice will soon be calling in their favor.

  2. Everyone knows that Kenny and his Labour Party have failed St.Lucia miserably, and, as a result, should be exiled or jailed. But the alternative, a white opposition leader by the name of Chastanet, is even less appealing to many racist St.Lucians who could not harbour the thought of having a White Prime Minister at the helm; and as a result, Kenny is more or less likely to continue his draconian dictatorship for another 5 years.

    I say ‘give Chastanet a chance’, and if he screws-up, he’ll be a one-term Prime Minister; but unfortunely, many are only too willing to put race before common sense.

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