Churches Calls For Calm, Dignity

THE St Lucia Christian Council has appealed to all St Lucians who qualify, to vote in Monday’s general elections and called on voters to exercise their franchise with responsibility and dignity and to pray for a free and fair and a peaceful campaign.

The Council made the appeal in a statement issued yesterday. It said: “Elections are upon us. On June 6, 2016, Saint Lucians and all those registered and entitled to vote will go to the polls to elect the candidates that they consider will best serve their Constituencies. This is the sovereign right of a free people to elect their leadership to serve their country. We, therefore, encourage and appeal to all those who are registered to go to their polling station and vote on Election Day, June 6. This is both a responsibility and a duty. Your vote can make a difference for the future leadership and governance of this nation.

“We appeal to the leaders of political parties to exercise quality leadership at this time by setting the example for party representatives and all those associated with a particular party on the campaign trail. Avoid vilifying your opponents and utilizing any form of character assassination. Use words that are non-violent, peace building and that can lift people up and give them hope. In a similar way make promises that are reasonable and attainable. Let the electorate be proud of your leadership style and integrity. We also appeal to all political parties to observe and respect the Code of Conduct which was signed by all parties at the last general elections.

“We appeal to those in motorcades, at rallies or in any situation where strong opinions are expressed in favour of one party or another to be sober and respectful of self and others at all times. This is our country and we all want what is best for all the citizens of this nation. In the final analysis it is the ballot box that will reveal the direction the nation wants to go. Exercise your franchise with responsibility and dignity.

“Finally, we cannot be serious about the way forward and our future as a nation without putting God at the centre, indeed at the forefront of all our plans, strategies and dreams. We appeal to the entire nation to pray for free and fair elections as well as for peaceful and non-violent campaigning; whatever the final results maybe, we pray for the wisdom to stand behind the future leadership of this nation so that we could experience good governance and see our country progress and develop. We place June 6 and our future in God’s hands and thank all for wisdom and good citizenship.

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