BCF’s ASP Says Goodbye

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Clive Jules Ends 33 Year Career As Prison Officer

THE Ministry of Home Affairs and National Security has joined the Bordelais Correctional Facility (BFC) in bidding a “Happy retirement” to former Assistant Superintendent of Prisons Clive Jules.

The BFC held a passing out parade and retirement ceremony in honour of former ASP Clive Jules last month. The ceremony was presided over by Director of the BFC Verne Garde, and by Minister for Legal Affairs, Home Affairs and National Security Senator Phillip La Corbiniere, who also took the opportunity to officially announce the conclusion of his tenure as Minister.

In 1983, Jules enlisted with Her Majesty’s Prisons as a junior career Prison Officer. Jules made his maiden voyage into Corrections, under the direction of Superintendent of Prisons Mr. Winston Melchoir, now deceased. As the years went by, Jules also worked under the supervision of former Superintendent of Prisons Mr. Randal Yorke.

He credits both men for their leadership and for positively influencing his early days, in a manner that eventually molded his commitment and dedication as an officer.

img jules
Jules (centre) at the retirement ceremony

After four years of job experience, then rookie Jules proceeded to Training School. Upon graduation, he went back to HMP with an outstanding performance under his belt having achieved one of the highest test scores. He continued to work diligently, driven by a desire to serve his country in whatever way possible. Jules was later promoted to the rank of Corporal. It was then that he began nurturing a passion for leadership and mentoring.

Some of the riveting events that Jules can give personal accounts of include a prison fire, a prison riot, and the extradition of inmates to Grenada. More recently he witnessed first-hand the passage of Hurricane Tomas whilst trapped at the BFC for nine days along with a small group of 12 Correctional Officers. They story of how they managed is nothing short of heroic. Jules has intimated that every officer who was involved in the Hurricane Tomas ordeal is deserving of commendation for this stellar level of selfless service.

The BCF salutes Jules as one who has witnessed the good, the bad and everything in between over his 33 years of service as a Prison Officer and Correctional Officer.

The move to Bordelais in 2003 was a major milestone. It provided the opportunity, according to Jules, to renew the image and importance of Correctional Officers in the eyes of the Saint Lucian public. This was a transition Jules welcomed, as he believed that the contribution of prison officers was not valued. He saw the new correctional facility as an opportunity for the wider public to acquire a deeper appreciation for the role of officers in Corrections.

In February 2014, there was a void after the retirement of Mr. Renee Federick and Mr. Lyndel St. Juste. Months later in November 2014, Jules was given the opportunity to take over the Operations Department. During that time he was responsible for the Guard House, Reception, Control Unit, Outdoor, Workshop, and General Security of the Facility and the farm. During that time Jules spearheaded a major turnaround on the prison farm which has been very dear to his heart. In 2015, after a meeting with management, he launched a programme called Farm Coudmain which is set to transform the BCF and forms part of the proud legacy of Clive Jules.

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