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A National Export Initiative

FIRST and foremost I wish to acknowledge respect if not admiration for the consistent dedication of THE VOICE for presenting. yea, advocating the RICH principles of an aspiring DEMOCRATIC society- albeit amidst the too often dismal clouds of encroaching national poverty and despair.

The resiliency that Chas alluded to is best represented in the Phillipines model. McCarthy’s promise was upheld unlike our Beane Field leand lease potential economic follow up. The Pacific Islanders combined agricultural export commodities to an intense education preparation of human resources that flooded the allied health and related services market on a global scale that is truly covert in its deployment.

From the frigid shores of Lake Michigan to the arid sands of the Emirates these Pacific islanders serve efficiently sans fanfare -sending back copious sums of remittances back to their homeland.

St. Lucia needs to revisit this model toute suite- as a national export initiative -if not economic franchise.

–Dassault Mirage

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