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You Expect US To Believe That?

The Independent Eye - By Kensley Peter Charlemagne

POLITICS is a sea of tricks. The magicians are politicians wowing us with all their twists and tumbles. And boy, are we drowning!

They are surfers on a massive wave of lies and deceptions and are we marvelled by their maneuvering skills. Today, they’re running for Soufriere; tomorrow they could not love Micoud more. Last election they were the best thing for Anse La Raye; this one, they can’t keep up with the tide. They love their country two elections ago; now with a pension in the bag, they are ready to quit. Last convention they could not win an election with Chastanet; next meeting they are sleeping in the same bed.
Oh the twist and turns. There is a strong current in the water and voters must beware. Don’t be fooled by their magic; it’s mere magee.

Surprise. Surprise! Sarah for Central. Is she a more formidable candidate than Francis? Some shy away from answering the question. I say yes. Don’t ask me why? Go ask Mr. Francis. Go ask him why.

Mr. Francis wants us to believe that he was not pressured. Then he excused his deferral on “family situation”. But just what is that? He felt he told us a lot when really he told us nothing. All the political meandering in Castries Central for this outcome? At this stage one can only ask, “What next?” When King or Richard wins the election, will they turn Laba? In this sea of tricks anything is possible. However we the people are the ones who will be left worn and beaten by the clashing of the waves. Watch your bread Lucia!

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  1. Politics is the only job that if you’re fired you can reapply for that position. It’s time we wake up smell the coffee and stop these politicians from trying to brain wash the people.

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