CTSL Targets Job-Seekers


WITH unemployment a very topical issue of debate related to economic and social development, Creative Technology Solutions Limited (CTSL) is expanding their range of course offerings to include two new programmes that cater to the needs of entrepreneurs and job seekers.

CTSL, at inception offered computer-training courses formerly delivered by the Institute of Self-Improvement Systems (ISIS), and is renowned for their focus on technical and computer skills. In 2005 the ISIS ceased operations and CTSL has since offered training in the areas of Computerized Accounting (Quickbooks), CXC Information Technology (IT), and Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Presentation Software & Databases at the ICDL (International Computer Driving Licence) level.

The two new courses: Resume Writing/ Interview Skills, and Business Plan Writing will be facilitated by industry professionals Angela St. Denis and Robin Schouten. The programmes are set to commence next month, however, CTSL will be offering several opportunities for interested students to learn more about the programmes and take advantage of free professional advice from these qualified and experienced facilitators.

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St. Denis will be visiting many of the schools on island to offer free seminars to school leavers. Her mission will be to encourage them to learn how to prepare a relevant and impressive resume. She will also be offering tips on how to be professional and successful in a job interview. Today, Thursday St. Denis will also offer two free seminars at CTSL. Similarly, Schouten will be offering business plan writing tips and advice to entrepreneurs while explaining the value of the full training programme. This open day will be held on April 7

These soft skill courses are well aligned with CTSL’s mission to provide training, certification and technology related services thereby contributing to the development of individuals, organizations and the country of Saint Lucia.

Individuals interested in attending either of the open houses are asked to contact CTSL at 572-8188 to reserve a spot, as space is limited.


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