Salsa Movement Turns Three

CEO Dr. Peter St. Rose (centre) with Salsa graduates.

Young, Strong And Solid.

CEO Dr. Peter St. Rose (centre) with Salsa graduates.
CEO Dr. Peter St. Rose (centre) with Salsa graduates.

IF you have ever been to a Salsa Saint Lucia party which typically attracts a crowd of well over 100 persons or visited their vibrant Face book page of over 12,000 likes you would find it difficult to believe that Salsa Saint Lucia is only three years old!

Salsa Saint Lucia celebrated its third birthday yesterday an exceptional Anniversary Latin Dance Party at BLU Hotel.

The organization although still in its youthful stages has blossomed over the years into an efficiently developed, vibrant and advanced movement that has regenerated Latin Dance and Music in Saint Lucia. Salsa Saint Lucia’s Event Planning, Dance Workshop Execution and Instructional Latin Dance Classes are outstanding.

Established in February 2013 by, Dr. Peter St. Rose CEO and Founder, Salsa Saint Lucia is a nonprofit organization that is committed to providing a creative, vibrant and exciting alternative to entertainment, dance, fitness and socializing in St. Lucia. Their mission is, to promote fitness, healthy living, social development and cultural diversity through Latin dance and music in a fun respectable environment. This mandate is achieved through the hosting of various types of Latin dance parties, Latin dance workshops and Instructional Latin dance classes.

Every year Salsa Saint Lucia graduates over 80 Latin dance students. Their performance group has participated in events both locally and regionally. Additionally Salsa Saint Lucia organizes charity parties annually to assist various worthy causes in Saint Lucia.

The organization has been highly influential in changing the perception that dance is only for a select few with their inviting and unforgettable slogan “Anyone can dance”.

Salsa Saint Lucia is currently collaborating with the Saint Lucia Tourist Board to promote the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival 2016 and its highly popular Latin Music headlining performer Marc Anthony. Salsa Saint Lucia is also well into the planning stages of their anticipated Latin Jazz Party slated for May 7 2016, at the Indies Night Club. The Latin jazz party, one of Salsa Saint Lucia’ signature events is hosted annually at the apex of the jazz season.

For more information about the Latin Jazz Party 2016, dance workshops or any other Salsa Saint Lucia events like Salsa Saint Lucia’s page on Face book for all the latest updates you can also send them an email on [email protected] or call 720-6975.

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