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Let ‘Prescott’ Address The People On IMPACS, Juffali


I write concerning ‘The strange case of Stephen L. Prescott’ (L, is for lying) who, in my considered opinion, seems an interesting pseudonym wrapped in a convenient acronym and who often writes lengthy articles in The VOICE critical of Allen Chastanet and the United Workers Party. But that man (I assume it’s a man), hardly writes a word on the failed economic policies of the SLP/Anthony administration. That writer appears more adept at hiding behind a mask wrapped in deceit and obfuscation not dissimilar from that of the SLP leader himself, who often displays a similar propensity, hiding behind a smoke screen of silence.

That SLP leader has refused to come clean on IMPACS and the Juffali scandal – the sham – according to a judge in England. IMPACS and Juffali are two pressing problems needing an explanation and a resolution. Stephen L. Prescott chose the country’s independence weekend to finally let the cat out of the bag. He seems intimately familiar with the Jufali matter and is familiar with the legal jargon that purportedly explains what the leader of the SLP (and the government) would neither acknowledge nor address the nation and independent, local and British journalists.

Now that Stephen L. Prescott has shown so much knowledge in the legal ramifications of the Juffali affair, it would be a brilliant idea if Prime Minister Kenny D. Anthony would invite Stephen L. Prescott, to address the people of Saint Lucia on the matter, on his behalf. That same Stephen L. Prescott could also represent him at a press conference. The Prime Minister seems to suffer from panic attacks whenever anyone mentions an address on IMPACS and Jufalli affairs and gets very angry whenever the press demands further clarification.

Can a leader who is determined to do all he can to create employment for his people find time whenever he is at home from his frequent overseas junkets, to write so much yet would not speak to the press on the same issues? Why? Why is the man so afraid of being questioned by an independent press? What is he afraid of letting out? Over to you Stephen L. Prescott since you’re such a wise and cunning ‘avocat-ti-papier’ that seems to have has lost his voice but, not his pen.

Oh, and whilst we’re at it why don’t ‘Ken & Tony’ employ Stephen L. Prescott to write his biography and name it ‘I stumbled and fell over the Rainbow’s Edge.’

– Peter Josie

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  1. This Arab has surely bribed Lucian politicians and some of their friends. He can name them and nail them. I cannot think about anything else.

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