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Lè i bon di i bon

OUR contribution today is simple, pithy and, we feel, necessary. Sons and Daughters think it fitting to pay homage to the French for taking a stand in favour of right and against perversity, in favour of right and against recalcitrance, in favour of right and against insincerity.

It was the French who, through their Revolution, exported the ideas of Liberté, égalitéetfraternité-Liberty, Equality and Fraternity -and first ended slavery in Ssint Lucia in the late 18th century. We are gratified to note that it is again France–still a hardly disinterested bystander –who has demonstrated some much admired backbone in favour of the people.

In our Kwèyòl language, inspired largely from the French language, there is a popular saying: Lè i bon, di i bon. And so, we declare loudly, ‘’I bon, bon, bon!’’

Sons and Daughters

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  1. During the heyday of the CRACK epidemic in NYC, a hardworking licensed nurse, (of Caribbean roots) owned her house and was raising her teen son as a single parent. He SHOT and KILLED her because she held back monetary allowances after discovering his use of CRACK.
    According to your Frenchee (pun intended) logic, sons and daughter would sodomize their own mother;
    if in their warped perception, said moms held back affection from them.
    For STICKING it to your own MOTHERLAND
    a Harlem renaissance youth would call you a “real M****r F****r”
    I second that notion

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