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Husssssh! Turn it Down

The Independent Eye - By Kensley Peter Charlemagne

MANY SLP supporters think that too much noise is being made about the Jufalli affair and boy would they like the decibels to be turned downed on this matter. For God’s sake, “Shut up, already!” I hear them screaming. But in Saint Lucia I have long learned that things are right or wrong depending on which party you support.

But boy would I like the decibels turned down. Saint Lucia is becoming too noisy a place. Literally. The question is, “Which administration would have the ‘deci-balls’ to tackle noise pollution?” Surely like campaign financing, it won’t be a campaign issue. We’re independent and have lost our sense of community. The independent woman is now a lonely creature but that’a for another show.

A few days ago, I was in my hometown, Choiseul and walking the streets on a moonlit night, I could see the stars, again. How I wish we could hear ourselves again. These days everyone has plugs in the ears. You call them and they can’t hear you. On the flip side of the coin you wish some of them had those ear plugs on and wished they would shove them where the sun does not shine but then again I think they have; cause anyone with some bright sense, some intellect, some social decorum would know that you can’t blast your phone or electronic boombox in an omnibus full of commuters especially when the driver is already playing something from his radio.

As a people we have become so insensitive. We blast our music to our pleasure (self). We give no consideration to others. I remember doing some door to door sales some decade or so ago. Trying to get the attention of the occupants of a house, I had to squeal at the top of my voice. Only to reveal that there was in the house a young man and mercilessly his faint elderly grandmother. No sooner had I finished my sales pitch and the music was at full blast. Poor Granny! Poor neighbours! Damn rascal, this young man. No consideration for others. Only self gratification. Then at the Rodney Bay mall recently, this insane miscreant, drives into the 9 o’clock hour, music as loud as ever, blaring. Don’t care how many people shook their heads in disgust, disturbing the entire parking lot. He was only thinking of himself. Surely he had no respect for his female companion.

Then waking up at 3:26 a.m.on a Sunday morning in Soufriere, I wondered if there was a law that prohibited loud noise after 2:00 a.m. for a place ironically calling itself, Whispers.

But some days you just have to sit back and wonder. And then there are those vehicles that have been outfitted to have more speakers than wheels. Lord have mercy. But the issue is that we have become so developed, so independent, so first world and everyone has freedom of choice. I say go to London and try playing your loud music on the people’s bus, you will find out how developed and modern you are. But while everyone can play their country music as loud as they want on a Sunday, in the name of free speech and a right to choose you must suffer in silence at the disturbance being caused to you. But we must learn to speak up. And please no more laws if we are not going to enforce them.

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