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Man with a Twisted Mission

The Editor:
Dr Tennyson Joseph without carefully examining his thoughts, has once again rehashed and shown himself to be a second class racist as some ten years ago he attacked Allen Chastanet, then Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation in St. Lucia along similar lines but more strikingly, his deep rooted obsession with Chastanet’s emergence as Political Leader of the Opposition appears to have to have a destabilising effect on him.

The big question is WHY? The likes of Joseph are fully dependent on the largesse of politicians in power and in more ways than one to earn any form of recognition, but unfortunately at such times of their depression, they put pen to paper and dream at random.

His most recent article in THE NATION is a perfect example of one expressing his views which have no relation to anything constructive. One can only sympathise with such individuals who dwell in a world of fantasy of their own creating, hoping and praying that such an article will catch the eye of certain powers and eventually feast off the crumbs they are likely to offer.

H. Charles

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