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By Mary Juliana Brice

IN everyone’s life, there is some form of leadership that has been ordained. However, everyone’s role is different, and when someone recognises what form of leadership one has been given, one should be very appreciative, and conduct one’s job in a very special way.

Effective leaders never last forever. Everyone must recognise that nothing lasts forever, and even if they are fantastic in their leadership mission, it does not last forever. Because of this, leaders are asked in certain circumstances to recognise proper followers, so that they can assist them with some training.

Leaders sometimes operate as though they are the only leaders who are available, and they will be there forever. Selfishness sometimes exists, and so leaders like this are unable to serve as effectively as they ought to. Recognising incidents like these, why can’t we try to serve in a better way?

On some occasions, some people try very hard to reject leaders. However, what has to be, will be. It certainly isn’t about us, but the life’s journey that has been ordained for us. When leaders serve very well, there is joy among the people. However, when leaders think it is only about them and the service they want to give, and fail to recognise those people whom they are to serve in their leadership, deterioration occurs. Service is the role of leaders, as persons who need assistance, should be well served.

All leaders should be humble, as their personal lives is quite reflective in the leadership they are encountering. Sometimes leaders focus on their personal lives, and so they begin to do wrong, bringing darkness into the lives of those they are in control of. Leaders are supposed to serve their people faithfully and efficiently, for in the end, they do not only have to account to the people whom they served, but also to God, who gave them that role in their life’s journey.

Some leaders who are in control of a nation, sometimes bring darkness to the nation in the way they operate, and so there is much suffering among the people. No one likes to encounter such sufferings, and so it is absolutely essential that all leaders are humble and seek to serve others, and not themselves.

When a leader causes an obstacle, does he or she think that it might eventually disappear? It never does, and so they need to attend to all the issues that are taking place. So often many things are left unattended, and so certain people in the nation do suffer. Are all leaders totally aware of the sufferings that are being encountered by persons who are not being properly attended to?

A joyful nation is what everyone would like to experience, and so leaders should give this their priority. Whatever leadership someone is encountering or is in charge of, they should bring joy to those whom they serve, as this is an absolutely awesome gift, which we all would love to receive.

Family leaders should take this role seriously, as well as, church leaders, business leaders, education leaders, office leaders, games leaders, and all leaders who are into every aspect of life, should serve properly and effectively.

Let us take some time to reflect on the leadership role which we are currently undertaking. If we are doing very well, then let us do even better. If we are failing in what we should be doing, then let us make some changes, so that all those we serve will be happier, and our love for them will be absolutely visible.

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  1. I think your piece would have more relevant and interesting had you related it the leaders of our three political parties. It sure would have generated more discussion.

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