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‘I’m Heading To Choiseul Next Election’

The Independent Eye - By Kensley Peter Charlemagne

The Independent Eye - By Kensley Peter Charlemagne

“ARE you going up for the next general election?” they ask, from market vendors to blue and white collar professionals.

Then they are in bewilderment when I say, “Yes I am.” I always wonder, “What is the shocking, stinging effect of this response?” It’s like people in Saint Lucia are stunned by any resolute resolve at longevity.

Then they ask, “Are you going up, independent?” The next question that follows is, “Why don’t you join a party?”

I recall early in my political undertakings, a gentleman commending me for my stance. He followed his commendation with retribution. “The problem I have with you independents is that you come once and then you all disappear.” And he went on to identify a few defectors.

I remember as well, a renowned lawyer asking me after my first attempt, “Was this a joke?” I was most incensed by the questioning. I don’t know what I did that passed off as a joke, the first time around. But my message has not changed and anyone who studied anything I had to say then and continue to say now, would realize that I am dead serious. If the study is intent and in depth they would conclude like an esteemed and decorated editor, “Of all what was pelted out there during the silly season, you made the most sense.”

But my people are not a people of sense but of sensationalism. When I explained the theory and philosophy of my political ideology to one of my constituents, a young one at that, he rebuffed, “Where you going with that, Anse la Raye/Canaries?” I am sorry Anse la Raye/Canaries but I believe in you, enough to give you three tries.

Let it be known that win or lose, I am heading to Choiseul next time around. I am not a political opportunist nor do I do things because it is politically expedient and though Choiseul looks ripe for the taking and my family has been asking me from way back to come home to run I have to be true to conscience.

My symbol is assigned and once again I am running under the head, which is fitting because as I’ve said from the start, I am in this to speak to people’s intelligence not their emotions, opening eyes, one mind at a time. So Anse la Raye/Canaries, I’m here.

The silly season is here but don’t get stupefied by all the ballyhoo.

I can’t help but remember a man in the city centre remarking that going up independent is political suicide and my response was, “It’s a death I willing to die.”

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