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U.W.P. Says Gov’t Insensitive Over Fuel Prices

The opposition United Workers Party (UWP) today took the government to task over the level of its adjustment of fuel prices announced yesterday, and urged St Lucians to express their “disgust” with it.

The party issued a statement expressing its “outright rejection of the fuel price adjustment” announced by Government. It said the new prices do not reflect the dramatic fall in world crude oil prices and amount to a solid blow to struggling Saint Lucian consumers who were expecting meaningful relief, consistent with the experience of consumers in neighbouring territories and internationally.

The UWP noted that in its October 20, 2014 press release announcing fuel price adjustments for the ensuing period the Government had promised that: “the next price adjustment will be due on Monday, January 12, 2015”. Regrettably, it added, the announcement was issued well into the work day, as such many drivers who had left their vehicle tanks empty pending what they expected to be a realistic adjustment, were forced to purchase gas at the old and higher price of EC $15.85.

Said the UWP: “We believe that the new prices announced by the Kenny Anthony Government is reflective of a cold insensitivity to the prevailing hardships faced by many Saint Lucians at this time. It is clear that the SLP Government is determined to continue its extortionist policies notwithstanding the fervent and persistent cries from all quarters”.

Calling on Saint Lucians to express“their disgust with the Prime Minister and Government which continue to drag Saint Lucians through economic hardships”, the UWP accused the government of being stubborn and insensitive and failing to adjust fuel prices to a level that would allow consumers to enjoy realistic savings, thereby enabling greater buoyancy in the domestic economy.

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