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Our children’s behavior is mostly a reflection of ours!

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By Carlton Ishmael

The question is often asked: where do children get their acquired lifestyles from? And the truth is that children learn from the behaviour of adults. If they are complacent, it is because of adults, if they acquire violent tendencies, they most likely got that trait from the adult population – and parents are the greatest mirrors for such behaviour.

Sadly enough, the blame usually falls elsewhere, because accepting responsibility for our children’s actions is normally a hard pill to swallow.

While growing up some 45 years ago, kids did fight and get into scuffles, but weapons were seldom used and the outcome was seldom death; and in most cases the fight would be stopped half-way by responsible adults. We only knew about guns by watching movies, but owning a gun was never part of our mindset. Our violence was considered basic youth conflicts largely based on personality differences, but the intent was never to kill, or dispose of someone, or to cripple our opponents.

Sadly, today there is a kind of hatred, animosity, dead-dread behaviour, and a violent disposition in so many circles. Our new and younger adults are violent, our children are also violent and the whole society is on ‘hate alert’. Nobody is using restraint, there’s no mediation, no consideration for human life, no remorse, and no sense of accepting blame or guilt for one’s actions. We have become each other’s worse enemy, stealing from each other, trying to defraud and outsmart each other, and disrespectful to one another.

The sad reality is that our children are accepting these values as being the norm; and because of our teachings and influences, this is what we the adults pass on. Yet we condemn, criticize, lay blame, and point fingers, but never accept that the children’s behaviour is mostly a reflection of ours.

We look and hope for a better tomorrow, but our today does not point in that direction. The blame game will continue, the hope for a better outcome will continue, but I’m afraid that if the present crop of adults don’t lead the way, or change their behaviour, today and tomorrow’s children will remain the fruit of our badly-cultivated ways of life and that is very serious business that must be addressed today and not left till tomorrow or the day after. The time to act is now!

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  1. Mr. Ishmael, what more can one say to a nation of deaf people? All the heads of its institutions are deaf; they are swallowed up by bribery, greed and covetousness.

    Their god is un gros cai ec un shi l’argent, ec yo ca pwa mamai-la sevir lak bai demoo.

    The children of this generation (everywhere) are used.used by their rulers as bait to bargain with Satan.

    The few good leaders among them do not have enough support to withstand the onslaught of devilment that surrounds them.

    This contagion has infiltrated all of the institutions that used to protect the soul of the nation.

    The church raped them.

    The school discarded the solid standards of our fathers’ education; watered down their learning by adopting infected methods and philosophy of American education.

    The parents; filled with the furor of inordinate pride and vanity – never-see-come see-come crazy; Ma-ca fair ish-moi shaya fig, souteway their children in the drug culture.

    We sowed the wind and this generation reaps the whirlwind. When we gave them the most expensive cell phone, what we didn’t know is that we, ourselves had voluntarily pushed them into the pit of hell fro which it is impossible to retrieve them.

    The time is now when things are turned up-side-down. Parents bury their children. Young men are slain in the streets. Simel zaie mone sec, yo las pleway en bayer cemetiere.

    The mange cochon we wallow in, today, Mr. Ishmael, started long ago. We cursed and persecuted everybody who warned us – Watch out! C’est mamaI sa-la cai faire zot honte!

    Now we there threaten teachers with jail if they correct the children.

    Their parents send their children to school to bait the teachers so they can sue for the teacher for money.

    The ministry of education full of foolishness borrowed from failed American education, is there tottering like a drunkard by the market

    Bon dieu ne miseracod assou this generation. Yo con wavette duvan Poole.

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