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There is Light at the End of the Tunnel

“No matter the line of business you are into, if the currency you are dealing with is being hit as hard as the Nigerian naira, you will never be happy. That is more reason to vote for and install leaders with an in-depth understanding of moving all spheres of the economy forward.” Olawale Daniel

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The world continues to mourn the passing of Queen Elizabeth ll as her family stands united in their moment of bereavement.

My last week’s headline “TO EVERYTHING, THERE IS A SEASON, AND

A TIME TO EVERY PURPOSE UNDER THE HEAVEN!” was somewhat a call for an approach to lay aside all grievances at least for the moment and pay respect to our queen who served her subjects well in the most difficult times. She was able to empathise with many families at a personal level as she navigated through the many vicissitudes of life. She felt the pains and joys of family life.

Over the next few days, let us be respectful in our thoughts and expressions, and at the end of the mourning period to get on with our lives, setting out an agenda to bring forward all outstanding matters, especially those matters that we feel dear to us, including the hot topic of Reparations. This is a subject that I promise to look into and update myself as to the status of the discussion so far. King Charles lll has his work cut out for him but I am persuaded that after the years of waiting in the wings for this opportunity, King Charles lll should be well prepared to take on the challenges that will confront him in the immediate period of his reign. God save the King!

While the United Kingdom was coming to grips with the passing of their beloved queen, the United States of America was observing the 21st anniversary of 9/11 where thousands of Americans lost their lives at the World Trade Centre and at the Pentagon. Osama bin Laden emerged the world’s most wanted man and Iraq paid a price, a story yet to be truly understood. I believe that a book laying out the real facts is already in the making as we experience a new development where anyone with untold information is ready to publish a book.

Even though the death of Queen Elizabeth ll and the period of mourning dominate the print and electronic media, the United States of America remains in focus with inflation, and classified documents seized from the storage room at President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence. The Special Master will be appointed before the end of this week when it is hoped that the matter will be expedited.

The Dow Jones tumbled 1,200 points this week citing inflation, as President Biden was pointing to a possible ease in Inflation. The AAA national average for Gas was $3.703 per gallon as at 9/14/22, and as a result of the present low oil price, other items, especially food supplies are likely to decline. It is possible that the next report on inflation could be favourable.

Ukraine is reporting gains in the battlefield, pushing back the Russians. Everything should be done at this time to bring the warring nations to the table to end the war. This war will not have a winner. The people of Ukraine are suffering and need all the assistance that can be mustered to help them.

As we say goodbye to the summer holidays and welcome the final quarter of 2022; the debate on global politics during this period will be intense. The tone will be set based on the outcome of the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA77) currently being held at the UN headquarters in New York, USA from September 13 – 27.

Life is returning to normalcy and we see that persons are moving around freely and taking full advantage in participating in outdoor activities. Not much is heard in recent days about Monkeypox but let us exercise caution so that we can very soon rid ourselves of the threats of the viruses that attempted to change the way we live.

With all that is going on in the world, I am resolved in the fact that all things will work together for good and the world will return to a period of tranquillity.

Stay safe and be blessed.

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